5 Fictional Characters I Wish I Was In A Book Club With

10 Things I Hate About You
10 Things I Hate About You

I should probably say first off, I’ve never been part of a book club in my entire life but it’s something I often dream of. If there’s a place with books and food and other people who like both of those things as much as I do, I’m game. I’m assuming here that book clubs also provide food, but hey, if I hosted a book club it would have a never ending supply of margaritas and wine and chicken nuggets. Anyway, here’s five fictional characters that I wish I was in a book club with.

1. Josie Geller (Never Been Kissed)

Besides her through-the-roof cuteness factor, Josie loves books and writing and dreaming. She is my spirit animal and someone I’d like more than anything to be best friends with. She’d show up to our club and the Beach Boys would start playing and she’d tell us about what she thought on book. Plus, I’m pretty sure Josie would write fanfiction and we could bond over which Harry Potter character was hooking up with who that week. DREAMS!!!!!

2. Sherlock Holmes (re: Benedict Cumberbatch)

This could actually be problematic, since his opinion is usually the only one he cares apart. He’d probably hate every single book we read, but his deducing about what we each were going through that week would prove more entertaining than anything we could read. Plus, you know everyone would come to book club looking on POINT because who doesn’t want to impress Mr. Holmes? At the end of club I would bake a bunch of cupcakes that spelled out “WE ARE SHERLOCKED” because duh.

3. Kat Stratford (10 Things I Hate About You)

She’d be like the foil to Josie Gellar. Loves writing, loves books but is a stone cold bitch. It would be really fun to see her go up against Sherlock and everyone would be like OMG WHAT IS GOING ON. Josie might start crying, but I would be able to mellow things out. Mainly I would just want Kat to be in the group so we could all go driving after club in her badass car blaring Joan Jett and running over Joey Donner’s toes.

4. Ellen Ripley (Alien series)

This is like the wildcard, but the one person I’d be most stoked to meet. She would keep us all level headed and remind us that none of us had been through the shit she’d been through, and that we need to not get so angry at one another because there’s bigger things to worry about. Mostly I would just want to ask her about her diet/exercise routine because no one can pull off a plain white tank and granny panties the way she can.

5. Jack Dawson (Titanic)

This would be hard because everyone in group (including Sherlock) would be too busy just staring at him to really talk about anything, but Jack is a dreamer too! He’s like, the quintessential manic pixie dream boy. And at the end he could all draw us! Wearing our books….and only our books. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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