7 Things To Remember In Your Final Days As A Bachelorette

The Wedding Singer
The Wedding Singer

1. Manage your expectations

Your wedding will not be perfect, so stop over-analyzing, do what you can to stay as organized as possible, and don’t get wrapped up in worrying about potential mishaps that might and probably will happen. If all goes as planned, you will only be a fiancé(e) once in your life, so enjoy it while it lasts…even if you do trip down the aisle, so what? So long as your spouse shows up, you’re good to go.

2. Spend time apart with friends

Do this as you always have, because marriage does not constitute the end of your individual lives, especially platonic relationships. Throw on your dancing heels and hit the hottest club with the ladies, or host your monthly poker night and have a few brews with the boys. These people matter and they need you, just you, sometimes.

3. You are not the center of your wedding party’s universe 

Be cognizant and respectful of the fact that your chosen ones are kind enough to sacrifice their money and time to help you plan one of the most important days of your life. We understand that to you, it seems like the world has ended because your linens are eggshell not cream…but have some self-control or you’ll end up making everyone miserable, not excited to celebrate with you.

4. It’s normal to get cold feet

So buy a pair of really warm socks to wear before you take the leap. Just kidding, but seriously, it is completely normal to be insanely nervous before making a life-altering decision in front of other people, even when it’s the right choice and you know it in your gut. So revel in the butterflies, separate anxiety from uncertainty, and keep on keepin’ on.

5. Stop bragging

As exciting as your wedding will be, we all know that cutting down the guest list is tough yet necessary, let alone actually facing people that you were unable to invite. Keep it classy like you always do – with the wedding conversation to a minimum in those situations so you don’t hurt feelings or make others feel excluded.

6. Embrace Change

Maybe it’s your name, or your residency, or the specific number of children you planned to have within a certain timeframe. Whatever the changes are that might stem from your approaching marriage, embrace them and accept that life is a winding, unpredictable path and you have to roll with the punches. Take solace in the fact that you will never again face the world alone and will always have your spouse on your side when it hits the fan.

7. Your marriage will not be perfect

Your parents. Your grandparents. Celebrities. The opposite of your parents. Let go of your idea of the “perfect marriage” because it simply doesn’t exist. The definition of marriage is the “combination of mixed elements.” It is naïve and impossible to actually believe that when you bring two separate entities together – each with a different history, upbringing, and chemical makeup – that you will always agree on everything, forever. You won’t and what matters most is keeping your lines of communication open at all times. Understand that marriage is work, say what you mean and mean what you say, and never forget how you felt in this moment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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