What Would You Say If They Asked You About Me?


I would say, how difficult it has been to try and forget you.

Your words would smother me in nostalgia
The feeling of home when I’m with you
But uncertainty, it’s always uncertain with you

I would say, you hurt me without even trying
Somehow we knew what we were but failed to define it
We would be walking in a grey area
None of us brave enough to cross the line

I would say, I could not forget the motor rides home
How when I drew my hands away from your waist
You pulled them right back like it was the right thing to do
That’s how much we didn’t want to let go

I would say, I die a little every time I told you I’d find someone for you
In my heart I knew I could love you better, I already did
And this was how I pushed everyone away
Because they weren’t you, not even close

I would say, time was so selfish to us
We were always in proximity, but never alone
I ached for you to miss me
And you said you were a little shy to say it

I would say, maybe we would’ve worked out in another timeline
Where the universe was more certain of us
But for now
I would say, I put you in the box I labelled “almost”.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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