Harry Styles’ Ex And I Reading New Hashtags

Myself and Harry Styles’ gossiped exgf (BBC3 presenter Billie JD Porter), felt emojinal the other night and rushed to London’s Edition Hotel to make a humble selfie video of what it feels like to live in a stumbling economy. It’s supposed to give you a taste of how verified people around us are speaking lately. Feel free to implement. If you want to write it down – here are all the youthemisms we mention: WUBU2, WUBU4, GORGEOIS, YOLO FEVER, QUICHE, OVERCUNTENSATING, #YOSO, PROCRASTURBATING.

Billie (@billiejdporter) has 15,930 followers, I (@nnimrodd) (verified) got 19,935 followers. Billie gave a vital TED Talk not long ago titled Poverty In the Cloud. I gave one as well, about Wikipedia extortion and oncon duress (oncon = online content). TC mark


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