Some Days, It’s Okay To Just Survive

Some Days, It’s Okay To Just Survive


there’s a phrase for the feeling

you have when you want to throw

yourself in front of a moving car.

i don’t know what that is

but i’ve felt it. and so have you.


that’s what holds us together.

this urge to die, screaming

and without a sound, all at



there are things you

don’t want to do today.

there is food left untouched.

there is a bed which waits for

your warmth but receives

loneliness in return. there is an

exhaustion burying deep into

your bones. there are 38 missed

calls. the window which looks out

into the street is closed, and for

no reason at all, you spend the

afternoon looking at the shadows

your hand makes when held

against the light.


tomorrow will be better, maybe.

but today. we survive. that’s all

we can do on some days. survive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

About the author

Nilesh Mondal, 23, is an engineer by choice and writer by chance. He works as writer and curator at Terribly Tiny Tales, and as prose editor for Moledro Magazine.

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