Here’s Why I’m Afraid Of Loving You

Aidan Rogers

I’m scared at how fragile your

Presence makes me, ready to

Turn into trembling hands and

Racing heart, when

You are close

I’m scared at how soft i become

With you around, chest heaving

In tandem with your breathing, a

Jar full of restless moths

Under my ribs

I’m scared at how tempting your

Smile can be, how i walk the ground

Like a wounded animal after we’ve

Kissed, like there’s a wound in my

Mouth that won’t heal and your

Tongue is the only

Medicine it craves

I’m scared at how this feeling in

Me is growing, spreading across

Every inch of my body, making a

Home in the spaces between my

Bones, this feeling of holding my

Breath in my lungs when we are

Apart, and having it knocked out

When we’re finally together, this

Feeling of being under water and

Yet remaining perpetually thirsty

This feeling of missing you every

Moment, and the urge to have

You in my arms, always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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