You’re Not The Person You Used To Be (And That’s Okay)


As you read this, your body is constantly evolving still.

Your skin is shedding and forming and shedding again, all with your blood tightly wrapped and flowing underneath. Your cells are multiplying and dying and every shred of your being is renewing itself as you walk, as you smile, as you sleep. Your neurons are withering away and new neurons are taking their place, which is the reason your memory is fading, that’s how you let go of the past, by creating a new present for yourself.

As you read this the world is constantly changing around you as well. The days are wasting away into nothingness as new moments come forward to embrace you with their arms open. Yesterday is being written off in favour of today, and today will soon give way to the promises tomorrow made and shall fulfil. Nothing is static. Everything is in the constant flux of motion.

Every being in this universe is made up of millions of atoms floating midair like an airplane on a collision course, one day it’ll touch ground in a flaming wreck, but that didn’t happen today, not in this moment. In this moment the airplane is still flying, wings outstretched and defying every law of nature just so it can tell you, there are things unimaginable still waiting to happen.

In this moment you are still alive and breathing and aching and loving back.

As you read this you are moving even without pushing your feet forward. You’re moving because the Earth is. You’re moving because the universe is. You’re moving because that’s what you do, you move, from place to place, from person to person, from memory to memory. You’re moving from the soul you were, to the soul you’ll be.

You’re moving away from regrets, from mistakes, from the sense of an ending. You’re moving into kindness, you’re moving into acceptance, you’re moving into going back to the start of every circle you’ve ran in just because you were made to.

As you read this nothing remains the same. As you read this you become a stranger to yourself. As you read this you’re learning how to breathe easier, and you don’t realise it, but your lungs knows. As you read this you’re learning how to love better, you don’t realise it but your heart does. You don’t recognise how far you’ve walked from the shadow of your former self and into the shadow of a new life.

As you read this, pause, and consider the fact that everything that had happened till this point in time has become inconsequential. Consider the fact that what you do right now, is the only thing that matter and that too, will fade away soon.

Consider the fact that you can make mistakes, and not live with regrets, because your story is slowly disappearing, and being written all over again, a thousand times every minute. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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