6 Facts Every Twenty-Something Girl Rebelling Against An Apathetic World Should Know


fact: the world is capable of believing in myths and magic
but not tolerating your aching heart because it becomes a
reminder of the times they’ve held pain in their mouth
and spit it on someone’s skin

fact: the world is capable of nurturing hatred
but ask them to breathe life into a seed and
they’ll call you a witch

fact: the world is capable of celebrating the homecoming
of kings with flowing red carpets and fireworks which
light up the sky as if it were a day but ask them to celebrate
the moment you stood up from the ruins everyone you had
once trusted left you in and they’ll tell you mourning has no
face to call its own

fact: the world is capable of burning down every bridge
you’ve ever set foot on and making sure every damn
ferry boat from the island you’re stranded on
goes up in flames just to make sure you never
venture out into the countryside and discover
love waiting for you beneath the shadow of a
maple tree but tell them it’s always been the
ones who’ve sworn to protect you that have
pounced upon you with their reeking breath
and newfound violence and they’ll tell you
a woman safe is a woman locked away

fact: the world is capable of being an explosion
or chemical warfare and you were once just a tender sapling
hoping to bloom in a world where flowers exist only in mythologies
but you’ve proved them wrong
over the years you’ve grown and
you’ve spread your arms and every time
they came with chainsaws and cut down
your branches you grew a hundred more
overnight till their machines were worn down

fact: you’ll survive tonight and tomorrow
and you’ll grow stronger despite the pain,
not because of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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