The Millennial’s Guide to Protesting Peacefully And Legally

millennial guide to protest peacefully

1.Stand for what you believe in, stand for words which drive your blood into revolt and your eyes into staring every fucker’s glare who thinks privilege is another excuse for prying food from the jaws of the hungry and justice from the hands of the weak, stand for the songs you’ve sung through nights of blinding fire and burning throats, stand for every last bit of your questioning breath, stand like a crucified corpse in the court of Roman monarchs, stand tall, stand proud, but goddamn stand for something.

2. Raise your voice in protest, raise your cardboard signs damp from yesterday’s snow and bent from today’s wind, raise your hands in solidarity, raise your fingers in defiance, raise your hopes for a better tomorrow, raise your kids over your shoulders to show them the swirling crowd of men and women who believe, and above all, raise your spirits for this isn’t a fight for the moment, this is a battle for the ages.

3. Walk the streets, claim them as your own, no one knows the stories which overflow the sewers, no one knows the blood which run over pavements and stain soles of your shoes, don’t let them tell you you’re immigrants in your own land.

4. They will hide behind armoured cars, they will drive tanks over your chest, they will use bullets, pellets, extreme prejudice, but somewhere the breeze which helps a sparrow soar will uproot forests and shape Mountains, not by strength but by determination.

5. Sing songs of revolution, chant phrases your forefathers carried on their lips when they crossed deserts with their children tied to their backs, paint those walls with art from forgotten lands, you’re the guardians of your own fairytale, you’re the bearer of torches which have traversed a planet to come together today, under the same sky, singing the same anthem.

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