copper-colored coins on in person's hands

The Promise Of Shiny Pennies

they promised us shiny pennies

told us if we stopped dreaming we’d have enough to fill our pockets galore

so away with our sketches and scribbles

away with our flourish and flounce

we were taught there is no room for all that nonsense

so put away your pompous behavior and get out of the light

and so we did as we were told

day in and day out

time seeming to speed up

never ceasing

never allowing a moment’s rest

day in and day out

swept amongst the masses

head down, eyes down, feet moving one in front of the other


no faster

no faster

never seeming to ever be good enough


day in and day out

we keep succumbing to our mundane routine

hands outstretched towards something that isn’t there

what happened to us along the way?

those shiny pennies that were promised are no longer shiny and new

because just like a shiny penny, we were left exposed to the elements, the harsh, cold world,

with its concrete walls, we were left unprotected, vulnerable, and naked

and just like a shiny penny left out too long, we lost our shine, our light, our life

so don’t get trapped

for that’s not living at all

bring out your sketches and scribbles

and flourish and flounce around

dance in the rain and splash around town

never lose sight of your light

an energy so powerful

so deep

it exudes out the body, out the soul, and lights up life itself

never lose your light, my love

keep wondering with those eyes

because you are a force

one that lights up everything she touches

never lose sight of the light within

never lose sight of what makes you shiny and new

for your love and light are what make you

just doing what brings me happiness

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