Pitbulls Are Killers And You Should Stay Away From Them

image: Shutterstock
image: Shutterstock

There is now affirmative action for pit bulls.

Big advertising campaigns have been launched in the past few years to change their public image. FaceBook groups and TV commercials have turned pit bulls into a protected minority.

People have been instructed to see them as cute little puppies, and if you disagree with that idea, they will accuse you of perpetuating negative stereotypes and will threaten to bite you.

Is this propaganda beneficial for the dogs, their owners and their neighborhood?

Despite the successful effort to change people’s mind, the truth remains the truth. Pit bulls are one the most dangerous dogs. Let’s see why.

They are a special breed

Pit bulls are adventurous dogs. They are conquerors who like to explore the unknown to discover new lands and they usually protect their own fervently.

Dominant, they want to show others who is the superior dog by keeping their head high and their chest out, commanding attention and respect through their outstanding tenacity, courage and pride.

When it comes to romance, they enjoy getting fine exquisite ladies, as they go out at night to bark obscenities and sweet words at the neighborhood hot dogs to court them for ferocious mounting action. They’re not the kind to catch feelings either.

image: Shutterstock
image: Shutterstock

Look at the pit bull in the picture above. Does he have a face that says “life is hard, I will survive and hopefully maybe make ends meet?” No.

He has a face that says: “I will get what I want out of life even if I have to choke that bitch to death”.

Therefore, when such dogs land into the hands of average Joes and plain Janes whose existences revolve around a 9 to 5 job followed by a 6 to 10 TV marathon, bad things start to happen.

Typically, the once mighty and proud breed is left attached in a tiny backyard of a 2 bedrooms apartment, while the weight of their wasted potential becomes harder and harder to bear as every day passes.

They start getting frustrated, realizing their territory is a few feet wide instead of a few miles wide. They usually like to play fight with other dogs and show them who is the man, but they are seldom brought to playgrounds and are punished whenever they display dominant behaviors.

Unable to go out, they have no sweethearts and no offspring. At the rare times they see a female dog, they run at her with all their strength to express to her how beautiful she is. They’re then told that expressing desire for them is disrespectful and they’re punished for it.

Time goes by: weeks, months, years, and nothing changes. Feeling that their life is being ruined and that they have no control over it, they become depressed.

They dream about plotting the great escape with other neighborhood dogs, devising a clever plan to break free of their miserable routine.

But they’re not men, they’re dogs. As powerful and strong as they are, they’re unable to have perspective and they only act on instinct. They are at the mercy of their incompetent owners who teach them how to suck at life.

A growing, unbearable sensation in their veins will nag them every waking seconds of their existence, reminding them that something is terribly wrong.

These secluded pit bulls will first start barking compulsively many hours a day to express their agony, disturbing the entire neighborhood in the morning. They will be told to shut up and to be quiet, which will only increase their restlessness.

They will start getting stressed out and they will destroy furniture. They will get punished and told they are bad dogs.

Having become overly paranoid, they will start chasing joggers and cyclists, sometimes catching them by surprise while barking aggressively at them. After a while, their owners will just give up on them and completely ignore them, letting others deal with it instead.

One day though, when they will have enough of their misery and pain, they will go out, jump on a kid, chew on their face and disfigure them. Then they will be put down. Their owners will cry that they tried everything and nothing ever worked. They’re innocent.

The “solution”

Those who spread the cute pit bull propaganda will tell you there’s a simple remedy to all of this: remove the dog’s balls and put him on Prozac.

Yeah, they will stop chasing bitches, they will stop humping legs, they will stop growling at other dogs, they will stop eating your sofa, they will stop getting angry, sad or stressed, they will stop causing drama and they will stop wanting anything except food.

They will just sit there and be cute instead, doing whatever you want them to do. They won’t even make a sound when you step on their tail by accident.

When you look at them though, you will notice the lack of life and the perpetual look of defeat in their eyes. Your gut feeling will tell you something is off.

Dog on Prozac with no balls. Complete obedience guaranteed. // image: Shutterstock
Dog on Prozac with no balls. Complete obedience guaranteed. // image: Shutterstock

Don’t buy into the propaganda

Pit bulls should not be handled by weak people.

They should be the companions of strong capable leaders who have their life together, who can give good discipline and care to their pets.

Yes, they are dangerous dogs who can bite people to death and disfigure children. The industry wants consumers to believe they’re harmless in order to increase their sales, which incites soft-brained individuals to buy them for the wrong reasons.

If the truth is spread, those who can’t handle powerful breeds will rightfully fear them and buy a purse dog instead.

Their new friend will follow them in their exciting Saturday night routines at the fast food joint, the video store and in the living room with the TV. The neighborhood will be safe, the kids will be safe, and finally, the dog will be happy. Everybody wins. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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