The Girls Who Turn Good Guys Into Bad Boys


It’s a well-known fact that men often destroy good girls, but along with the rise of the effeminization of men came a new phenomenon: the good guys getting eaten up by bad girls. It’s not to be underestimated, because let’s not forget that a man with a broken heart and a broken bank account can consequently reproduce what’s been done to him to others. Let’s take a look at the usual profile of those bad girls.

She’s not confident with men

Typically, the bad girl is stronger than her mate. She has ambitions to get a high paying job, she wants to study a lot and she works hard. While she has the qualities that make her perform better than most women, she lacks the personality, kindness and softness that would make her a good lover. She leans on the sociopath and misanthropic side, unable to genuinely like people and enjoy their presence. She might have good looks, she might have not, but when it comes to men, she always has a well hidden low self-esteem.

Therefore, instead of looking for a man who would impress her and dominate her, she settles for one she can control instead, a weaker one who poses no threat to her. She doesn’t love him and she doesn’t respect him: deep down, she despises him, because she let him have her even though she thinks he doesn’t deserve her. However, she can enjoy the emotional and financial security he provides her as well as having the excitement of hot cocks on the side, the hot cocks she desires but is unable to secure.

She loves hot cocks

While her sweetheart will be busy telling his coworkers what an amazing girlfriend she is, she will be on FaceBook inviting studs to her apartment so they can effortlessly enter her, a feat that her sweetie pie can’t do without the help of a lot of lube and patience.

She’s the girl you dance with at 2 am, grabbing and spreading her ass cheeks apart while forcing your tongue inside her mouth, discovering she’s engaged only after you brought her home and have released yourself inside her, praying strongly she’s on the pill. She’s the kind of girl you meet on the streets after work, dressed in a clean business skirt with her suit case, who, upon noticing you right behind her, enjoys climbing the stairs slowly and sinuously so you can have your nose a quarter inch away from her delicious lady lump. She then proceeds to jump in the arms of her loving boyfriend who was eagerly waiting for her at the top.

She’s the type of girl you have affairs with who asks you if it’s ok to cheat on her husband, somehow trying to put the fault on you instead. She will sometimes call him right in front of you while you’re lying in bed with her, between round 2 and 3, trying to reassure him she’s just out with friends, hoping to attenuate her guilt before you resume doing the nasty stuff every man loves to do. It’s the same kind of stuff she won’t allow her cutie posh cake to enjoy with her, because “she’s not that kind of girl”, you know.

She has profound hatred her boyfriend

If her lover was a giant cockroach, she would enjoy smashing it with a sledge hammer to spread all its internal juices over the kitchen walls, send it to the hospital to have it stitched up, then proceed to start all over again with great excitement. In fact, whenever you let her breathe, she will seize the opportunity to talk about how stupid he is, what a loser he is, what a coward he is, while loving to patronizingly describe how sweet he is for buying her all those presents.

If the good guy is tool enough to get married to a bad girl, blissfully ignoring all the dire signs an otherwise experienced eye could detect, he will get his soul, heart and resources ransacked to possible unrepairable extents. She will divorce him 10 years later, get half his money + alimony to “keep her previous lifestyle”, which concretely means taking away his kids and his house to live inside it with her hot cock— she finally found a way to make him stick around for a while, by buying him everything he wants with her husband’s money.

Good guys: you need to toughen up

If you can be such fools, it’s because you’ve led a sheltered life, following the rules without questioning society’s deceptive teachings. It’s bad for men to be safe and protected, for security and comfort lead to mediocrity. Adventure, risk, exploration and discoveries should define your life. However, should you decide to remain innocent and sweet, something positive could come out of it; after all, you’re sacrificing yourself to bring joy to others. Your wife will be providing sexual releases to bolder, stronger, more capable men, sometimes getting impregnated with their seeds to secretly have you provide for their kids. These men will be silently yet honestly forever thankful for your great generosity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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