6 Reasons Why Macho Men Are The Most Romantic Lovers


Girls talk about love, read about love, write about love and dream about love all the time. Unbeknownst to them, the most pure, intense and satisfying love can only be given to them by macho men. These men have a mentality that differs from those weaker males who choose to ignore their inner manhood, as they make decisions with their life that separate them from the rest. Let’s see why they are able to create romance where others can’t.

1. They can plan dates.

If they care about you, macho men will make things go smoothly for you to be carefree and enjoy your evening with a smile. They will put time and effort into planning the dates and since they’re just better at making things happen in general, their execution will be top notch. The food will be your favorite. The ambience will fit the moment. The music will set the right mood. There will be no annoying interruptions. Arising problems will be dealt with and solved on the spot. After spending a few hours with them, you will feel mellow and relaxed, and a strange burning sensation in your stomach you like to call butterflies will arise.

2. They take you.

They’re confident and they know how things work, so they don’t need to dumbly ask you if you love them or wait for a sign before moving forward. They act on their desires and don’t ask for your permission before kissing you or touching you. Their timing will be right 99% of the time, but in the few rare occasions they would slip their hands somewhere or grab something a little too soon, they will accept the slap without any protestations.

3. They’re better at sex.

Their life is about adventure, exploration, conquests, challenges and strong sensations. Since they’re passionate and they live fully, they bring that entire mentality in your bed. Their intensity will be like a burning star as they will want to constantly reach higher levels than last time. Since they have a lot of experience and they know what they’re doing, they allow you to let yourself go completely and discover facets of your existence you had no idea existed.

4. Their love has more value.

They are ambitious and work hard. They have many women in line willing to offer them what they want. They are hard to attract and hard to keep. They don’t fall in love easily and they have a tendency to cheat. But if you nail them, their love is worth a thousand more than those other guys who throw empty, feeble “I love you” on the phone 3 times a day, because their words carry a lot more power.

5. They’re gentlemen.

You’re all strong, independent women, you can take care of yourself, you don’t need no man, etc. Yeah whatever. Macho men won’t let you deal with the dirty, ugly sides of life: they will take care of the arguing with the insisting beggars on the streets, they won’t let people talk shit to you or disrespect you and they will take care of everything that requires confrontation. When you’re around them, you feel safe and it allows you to just be yourself and jubilant. Also, because they see women a certain way, they will do nice gestures for them. They will never let you carry bags, they will fix your pipes, they will open the door for you and do all the chores they think a woman should not do. They will expect you to be a good girl and behave though, and if you don’t, your bad girl’s butt is going to be red often.

6. They pass their greatness to your children.

It’s romantic to know that your future boys will also be the kind of men who other men admire and who make women go crazy for many generations to come. You want your kids to be like Channing Tatum, not like Jonah Hill. You want them to be courageous, bold, strong and confident risk takers who leave a legacy that surpasses yours. Macho men might not stick around you for long and they might destroy your heart a couple of times, but in the end, they are the one who have the greatest impact on your life and they are those you will remember forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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