6 Tricks Women Use To Pick Up Men

William Droops
William Droops

Men have developed the art of seducing women for millennia and most people have become familiar with their game by now. But what about women’s game? Although men can get proficient in inducement, its mastery will always remain the deadliest weapon of the female gender. Here’s the little moves women use to get sex or love out of a man.

She changes her personality to fit yours

If you’re a bad boy worthy of a fling, she will be naughty, inserting sex hints into her sentences and using her sexual power to get you instead of her personality. She will communicate to you that she puts out early, she’s low maintenance and low drama. She will also make it clear that her prowesses in bed are way more impressive than her cooking skills.

On the other hand, if you’re a good marriage material guy, the exact same girl will act pure and innocent:

“Oh I really don’t party often, I prefer to cuddle and watch a movie”

“I only had 2 boyfriends, nothing serious though”

“Anal? I would never”

They ask you a lot of questions, make you talk and figure you out to later serve you exactly what you want on a silver plate.

Her boyfriend magically doesn’t exist anymore

You meet a cute woman at the coffee shop, you start talking and flirting with her, you get her out on the spot, you dance with her in a random breakdance gathering on the streets, you start slipping your fingers in her panties and kissing her then you bring her home to unclog her women’s pipes. Something’s wrong though: she has a fiancée and you only learn about it after the act. During all those hours, this information magically didn’t get through any of her words, college stories, trip pictures and plans for the future. Few weeks later you even learn she’s getting married with that man. My apologies to you sir if your first kid doesn’t have the same family resemblance as his siblings.

She pretends to be happy and sane

The craziest bitches will magically act like your everyday normal girl if they meet a guy who is “the one”. If she’s a suicidal reckless harpy with no friends who lives with 30 cats, she will do everything in her power to appear calm, jubilant and level headed. Once he puts a ring on it, she can return to being herself: if he can’t handle her at her worst, he doesn’t deserve her best.
She starts agreeing with everything you think

The most die-hard vegan who believes eating meat is murder won’t mind enjoying a good burger with you since you’re so cute after all. The most religious zealot will find great enthusiasm in “converting” you to her religion, which concretely means spending time with you on her bed reading some bible verses between sex rounds.

She finds all your jokes amazing

Every line you drop that sounds remotely like a joke will be followed by an exaggerated laughter, a “you’re so funny” comment and peck molestation. She ponders every action you do with giggles and if you started tickling her she would probably explode.

She’ll fix herself up… a lot

Many men are not aware to what extend women prepare for a date with a guy they want to ensnare. Make up that covers facial flaws, body lotion to make their skin smooth on touch, special undergarments that shape their silhouette, bras that give breasts even to those who don’t have them, perfectly fitted clothes to make us focus on their assets, perfume to leave their scent around so they stay on your mind longer and countless of other mysterious girl potions that men are unable to grasp.

Oppositely, if a girl has a date with a guy she doesn’t like, she will wear the clothes she usually uses on Sunday afternoon when she doesn’t want to be bothered by male attention. Ugly jeans to hide her butt, ample shirts to cover her curves, tied up hair because she didn’t wash it, hat to cover the mess, sunglasses so she doesn’t have to make eye contact and worn out shoes with holes to let her toes breathe a little air. Fortunately, there will always be a good supply of suckers to pay for her cuddle-only-no-strings-attached-dinner-dates. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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