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5 Reasons Men Love Asian Girls


The world has never been so open: traveling around the globe to visit other countries has never been so easy and affordable. It gives men the opportunity to discover fine exquisite ladies from foreign cultures in their home country or on vacation. One of the most interesting discoveries is the Asian girl. A lot of men have been quiet and secretive about them because they selfishly wanted to keep them all for themselves, so for those who have yet to appreciate their exotic qualities, here is a taste of what you’ve been missing.

1. She’s cute and funny

Life is a theatre play for her: she’s very expressive and her reactions to events and words are magnified. When you do something that makes her happy, she’s delightedly joyful, saying “yayyyyyyyy!”, clapping her hands together repeatedly like a little girl who just received her first birthday cake. If she hears about something sad, she says “oohhhhh” with an exaggerated, disappointed pout. If she did something wrong, she will make puppy eyes and put her fists on her cheeks, making it very hard for you to resist forgiving her. Talking with her is fun and enjoyable, which makes a man soften, smile and relax, effectively relieving the burden of stress he has to carry on his shoulders every day.

2. She’s graceful

The way she elegantly and carefully carries an object, without sudden movements, like she doesn’t want to hurt it. The way she delicately and slowly closes a door as if she wants to make sure it doesn’t break, even though the thing is so sturdy slamming it as hard as you can would not even scratch it. The way she shyly caresses your shoulder when she wants to talk to you instead of tapping it with insistence until you turn around. Her special feminine touch in those little day-to-day actions makes a man instantly curious and attracted to her, because it is the anti-thesis he needs in his life to make it balanced and complete.

3. Her beauty is impressive

The way Asian girls move, the way they express themselves and even the way they dance are artful ways to attract men’s attention to their greatest physical asset: their face. Her scintillant eyes, through which her emotions pour out uncontrollably, will get your gaze stuck in them for a lot longer than you anticipated. When you touch her, you get pleasantly surprised by her tender, velvety skin that makes you want to pursue your exploration and further experience the rare sensation. Upon parting ways with her and saying goodbyes, her warm honest smile will make you reconsider your plans and stay a little bit longer to spend more time in her company.

Her beauty lasts for a lot longer than other women. Often, a man will make conversation with an Asian girl thinking she’s a high school student, only to be shocked in disbelief when she tells him she has finished college and is already working. Even at 30 years old, she still looks like 18, as if life magically didn’t take a toll on her body.

4. She’s polite and human

She listens to what you have to say and wait until you’re finished before speaking, never cutting you off in the middle of your stories to butt in with something about hers. She’s amiable: when busy talking with a group of friends, if newcomers arrive at the table, she will try to include them so they don’t feel excluded. She doesn’t take small gestures for granted and she always thanks you for them. She’s generally grateful for everything you do for her and she doesn’t feel entitled to anything, which makes giving her presents and helping her when she needs you a very satisfying experience.

5. She takes care of people and she loves her family

You will never be hungry again for the rest of your life if you decide to live with an Asian girl. Even if she’s tired and stressed from her own day and you told her you would order food for the evening to let her rest, you will come back home and be welcomed by the scent of a warm, freshly cooked dinner that could feed your entire family for a month.

Sometimes you will go out with an Asian woman who is an adult and she will excuse herself to call her mother, something we don’t witness much here anymore. Her parents will also call her often to check up on her and make sure she comes home early and safe. This shows us that to her, family always comes first and that’s she’s been protected and well taken care of. All these qualities indicate to a man that she is well suited for a long term romance and she would be a good mother to his children. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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