8 Reasons Masculine Men Are Better Lovers Than “Nice Guys”

50 Shades of Grey
50 Shades of Grey

We all know what’s wrong with the strong, silent type. Elusive and misunderstood, he seems to have no feelings and only care about himself. In the past four decades, the nice, effeminate man has been elevated above him as a better lover. Let’s see why this is a terrible mistake.

1. Masculine men don’t care about your little physical flaws

Their sexuality functions on a more animalistic level, so they don’t assess you with their rationality or analytical skills, but with their guts and instincts. They want sexy women, but they don’t get bogged down by the details. Your little extra fat, unfashionable haircut or whatever piece of ugly clothing you might be wearing don’t mean a thing to them. Clothes are meant to be taken off, hair is meant to be pulled, and cellulite — they’ll eat that cottage cheese with their green raisins for dessert.

Nice dandyish men are different. Since they care too much about their own appearance, they judge women the same way they judge themselves: through an artistic, ideal kind of beauty, the type that amazes a man’s left brain but leaves him more or less sexually aroused. Effeminate men prefer cute over sexy. With their refined attention to details, they will mind if you didn’t draw your lines on your eyebrows correctly, notice if you’re carrying 5 extra pounds and be disgusted if your butt jiggles when you walk.

2. They don’t play mind games

They will be upfront with their intention and let you know what they want right from the start, which makes them more honest. Oppositely, nice guys will put up an act, lying to you and befriending you in a slimy attempt at making their way inside your legs. When they realize you won’t let them in, their precious feelings are crushed, they call you an abusing bitch and make you responsible for all their troubles.

3. They’re romantic

If you get their heart, which is very hard to obtain, they will timely express their feelings to you in a way that feels real and important. It will be worth a lot more than the daily doses of ass kissing you get from your prissy boyfriend telling you you’re the best star to ever grace the face of the Earth, even while you’re picking your nose.

4. They take the lead

They plan and organize the dates, and all you have to do is show up with your smile, relaxed and ready to have fun. Whereas effeminate men will ask you want you want to do, what restaurants you like and if their jeans make them look fat, effectively ruining the evening.

5. They’re dirty

They are inhibited and act on their desires. They don’t care if you’re on your periods and it’s time for sex, because it’s just blood. They don’t care if you’ve been working out and you smell: right before they orgasm, they’ll stick their nose up your armpits and take a good whiff. Your pristine kinds of boyfriends are completely different— when you rub yourself against them wanting some action that night, they will tell you they have a headache and they want to talk instead.

6. They’re in the now

When they are doing something important with you, they are able to stop and appreciate the moment, living it and experiencing it fully. Effeminate men are worried: they constantly think about yesterday, tomorrow, what if this happens, what if that happens, bringing you along into their spiral of anxiety.

7. They are independent

They live and die on their own terms and they have their own projects and ambitions, without needing validation from anyone. They enjoy your company and they like you, but they don’t need you. On the other hand, effeminate men are clingy and their lives revolve around you. They look up to you to spice up their unfulfilled existence.

8. They only have feelings at the right place at the right time

They are laid back unemotional beings, and if a problem arises, they will deal with it and solve it on the spot, forgotten and forgiven a few minutes later. You might find the sissified men cute at first when you witness them crying at the movies, but they also passive-aggressively throw outfits after having held inside their grudges for weeks for reasons you will never understand. They will choose the perfect time for it: your birthday.


Masculine men are bold, confident and ambitious. If you’re beautiful, sweet and nurturing, then they’re good matches for you. Society has forced into your head that nice guys are sensitive and care more about you, but the truth is that they don’t: they are just clever marketers. When they’re scared and should man up, they instead cower and sell their inaction to you as feelings and sensitivity, where in reality they are just backing down from tough decisions and are essentially kissing your ass for forgiveness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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