5 Things Women Can Do To Be Better In Bed


Men are often given advice about how to perform sexually, while women are left to themselves to figure it out on their own. The only information they are ever given come from women’s magazines and talk shows that don’t care about telling them the truth. They would rather repeat the same old things that make everyone nod instead of educating girls and make them better in bed. So for those women who want their men to stick around, here’s how you do it.

1. Don’t tell him what to do

Nothing drains the blood out of a man’s penis faster than a bossy woman. When you enter the bedroom, you have to leave whatever role society has given you at the door. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, a doctor, or a famous diva; when it comes to sex, you’re a woman. Your job is to please your man and this is what naturally turns you on. You need to be submissive and you have to let him lead, to abandon yourself to him and his desires.

2. Be feminine

The most feminine women are able to swiftly feel a man’s desire and fulfill his fantasies. To do so, you have to be receptive, open and tap into your empathy. Leave the boldness, toughness and roughness to him. You have to be delicate and sensual: when he holds you, he needs to feel that softness and tenderness only women have. Most importantly, don’t be selfish: femininity is more about giving than receiving. If you go with the mindset that you have to have an orgasm, then you probably won’t have one and you will also ruin your man’s pleasure.

3. Be expressive and playful

Men like women who emote through their facial expression, body and voice how they feel about what’s happening to them. Moan suavely to respond to his masculinity. Make big eyes with your mouth open when you’re experiencing strong emotions. Say yes repeatedly to encourage him and invite him further inside you, showing him you’re really enjoying what’s he’s doing. Say no, push him and make him chase you to add some action. Tease him by flaunting your assets in his face, sensually bite your lips to seduce him, scream in excitement when he slaps your butt cheeks and laugh outrageously when he tickles you.

4. Be positive

It wouldn’t be a good time for your man to tell you during sex that your thighs are too large. So it’s not a good time to tell him he’s not doing something right either or criticizing him. You want to feel like you’re the prettiest princess of the entire planet and he wants to feel like he’s the best man to ever honor the human race. If you’re going to talk at all, tell him he’s so good, he’s the man and that you’re all his. When it escalates, ask him if he likes your big juicy ass, your finely rounded breast or your full lips and tell him he can do whatever he wants with them.

5. Let go and be in your body

Modernity has brought a little too much sophistication into people’s lives and made them take distance from their basic human nature, yet sex is still a primal animalistic activity. To be good at it, you need to be present and in your body. If your mind wanders and worries, you will be tense when he takes your hand, you won’t react appropriately to his touch and your moves will be out of sync with his cadence. To ease your mind, do sports like yoga or dancing and learn to meditate. Get rid of your TV and spend less time on the Internet, because while these couch activities are good distractions, they also train you to have a short attention span with little presence. To reduce your stress, choose a job that requires feminine attributes like kinder garden teacher, flower seller or fine art painter. Masculine jobs with a lot of confrontation and office politics will permanently make your heart, brain and hands dirty. It will give you a never ending resting bitch face.


Human nature doesn’t care about temporary social trends like feminism or the outstanding comfort modern technology has brought us. The truth is men viscerally and uncontrollably respond to femininity and will always do. You can accept it now and develop that innate power you have inside yourself, or lose your men to those women who do. In fact, pleasing your man in bed will do more to keep him than any college degrees or fancy job titles you will ever get. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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