How Feminism Has Turned Women Into Sex Objects


Feminism is at its peak, yet women have never felt more obsessed with sex and their body. Pick up any woman magazine and the front page topics will be about diets and how to please men sexually; watch most fashion shows and they will feature bony models; obesity rates are rising along with the size of the fat acceptance movement. Women have lost a lot of their self-confidence despite the fact that we live in a society where feminist values have taken over every sphere of our existence.

In other cultures, self-perception and sexuality are different. My African and Latina friends can pack some dancing meat on their body without their man complaining too much about it, and they don’t feel the need to be sexually explicit when they go on dates. Fundamentally, we are not different from them — in fact, we used to be the same until feminism arrived. Let’s take a look at the consequences of your bra burning sisters on the landscape of sexuality.

The power of feminine women

Genders are malicious social constructs, they said. That belief made most modern women lose their way with men. Indeed, aside from obvious physical beauty, otherwise feminine women have an arsenal of weapons to attack a man’s heart with.

Bumping into this kind of lady at the library might make a man reconsider his initial plans, when upon turning to see his encounter he discovers this voluptuous creature wearing a classy yet tight-fitting dress, her extra curvy silhouette pressing against its fabric and manifesting itself every step she takes, creating that indescribable feeling of excitement and lust in his gut and mind. When a playful, coy look from the side is thrown at him as she is moving away, non-verbally inviting him for a chase, he knows he can’t let her go, as her perfume fills up his nose and informs him of the mysteries he has yet to unravel.

The way she reaches for that door to open it slowly and delicately can only be described by a quality nearly extinct in our society: grace. At this point, the man is not hiding his interest in her, obviously and directly looking at her, assessing her up and down. She is unable to conceal the effect it has on her as she begins to sensually pass her fingers in her hair repeatedly as if she was combing it. After pressing the up button of the elevator, she tosses her hair around, because she unconsciously know that long natural hair is as attractive and effective as a big pair of well-rounded breasts.

As the man approaches, her mix of surprise, fear and excitement is palpable when she realizes he has decided to talk to her. She looks away for a moment and bites her lip to prepare pulling out the heavy artillery: a warm and inviting genuine smile. Her light but controlled giggles ponder most of the man’s sentences, but her body communicates every second that she is about to leave. At this very moment, he has no idea what’s going to happen; the thrill of the hunting and its possible spoils compels him to put more effort and energy into her.
At no point would a man stop himself to notice this lady’s extra flab around her arms and thighs. She might have carried twenty pounds extra, but she easily made him forget about them with her manners. She also didn’t need to show too much skin or directly allude to sex to get him interested. While physical fitness and beauty matters a lot in the art of seduction, femininity itself is an alluring essence that every woman can develop to maximize their power, regardless of their looks.

The power of feminists

She’s wearing a tank top and those kinds of shorts that leave parts of her butt cheeks in the air, without underwear as I will find out later. If she bends down a little, her ass crack is available for everyone to enjoy. She’s the wild extravagant type, swinging her assets around, pouring drinks into her cleavage and screaming “it’s my song!” as loud as she can. She goes around the room like she knows everyone, touching strangers and rubbing herself against random people, girls included.

I notice her, she notices me; she looks my way without looking and finds an excuse to come nearby by pretending to talk to some guy she has no interest in. I’m looking at other girls, but my peripherals indicate she’s maneuvering closer and closer, until she’s next to me. I start dancing in her face. She turns around, and rubs her tight rump on my baby maker, my hands on her hips guiding her sinuous movements. When I touch her breasts, she pretends to be shocked by jerking my hands away. Three minutes later, she grabs me and brings us to a quieter spot.
“You’re hot” she tells me as she runs her hand on my chest.

She’s on vacation from a state far far away. Her boyfriend didn’t come with her; she misses him a lot, she confesses. While we’re making out, I can smell her perfume: the scent of beer, sweats and shots all over her body. She’s drunk in lust — we talk about anything from going to nudist beaches to what drugs we tried when we were in high school. The interaction is really easy and relaxing as she is like one of the boys. I know I will be in bed with her having a great time tonight, I know it won’t cost me a dime and I know I won’t need to be calling her the day after.

I’m not saying men don’t like sluts or don’t enjoy their company, on the contrary. But unlike feminine women, they have troubles making men interested into them for more than sex. They are left with only a few components of attraction and put all their efforts into them: being young, fit, hyper-sexualized and promiscuous. The harsh truth is that only a minority of girls can thrive in this zero-sum hyper competitive environment. Sadly, their triumph can only last for a few years before they are mercilessly knocked the fuck out of the game by younger and more daring versions of themselves.


Although femininity is not completely abolished, is it not taught anymore and is being directly discouraged. By telling everyone that genders are a social construct needed to be eliminated, feminists have destroyed women’s gentleness, empathy and sensitivity, the core components of femininity. Women are instead raised to combat their natural self rather than learn to grow and nurture it. It leaves them crippled: feminine women can pull on all men’s switches, communicating both to love and desire, whereas non-feminine women only speak the language of the genitals. It’s no wonder many complain that men only want sex from them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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