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5 Reasons Men Love Sluts


A wise man once said that you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. Although this is quite true, it leaves one question unanswered: why are guys so interested in sluts? Now, I’m not talking about desperate girls with low self-esteem who give their body to anyone in the hopes of getting love in return. I’m talking about exceptionally beautiful women with a lineup of suitors at their feet, the kind who has been around the blocks but only by selectively sleeping with people of high quality. This article is specifically about them and why they make men go crazy.

1. They’re FUN

They’re the kind of girl who parade their tits in your face on the dance floor and wear thin tight shorts a little too low leaving their ass crack uncovered for you to slide your finger into it. Sometimes, you can spot them walking on the streets wearing a skirt that tends to drift, and if you whistle at them diligently enough they will coquettishly lift it up showing you their unpantied buttocks. Light and bubbly, they are laugh machines and take everything you say as an opportunity to crack up, and they tend to always be positive. They have easy, malleable personalities: if you’re cool, they will enthusiastically go with the flow and follow where the wind blows, like cute little weather cocks.

2. They’re uninhibited

They like to sneakily have sex in the bushes in a park at night or in the water at a public lake with swimmers nearby risking stumbling upon them, for extra excitement. As friends, they are open books: they speak their mind at any time and their face instantly expresses their emotions, making you aware of what they think or feel — not the kind of girls who will hold grudges inside and punish you 6 months later. Since you know when you do something wrong right away, you get close to them a lot faster than anyone else.

3. They make it easy for you

I’m not saying these loose women are not selective, because they are. But once they recognize you as a guy they want to fornicate with, their higher confidence and social skills will allow them to come and talk to you with ease, saving you some hassle. You won’t have to invest much time into them — no dinners or presents will be required, and most importantly, there will be no postcoital drama.

4. They’re hot

Some women are just born to be tramps. When their smooth skin, symmetrical face, artful eyes, bountiful tetas and bouncy booties all come together to instantly make any man reconsider his path, you know they were concocted with a very special luscious recipe. But it’s not only their outside appearance: it seems like sexiness has been injected into their every action and every little gesture they do, from the way they eat a banana to the way they innocently clean the floor with a broomstick. Their fate was foretold from their first breath — they’re the kind of women who would become doctors and you’d think damn, what a total waste of talent.

5. They like it rough

Extreme femininity attracts extreme masculinity. As a result, these estrogen fueled bimbos don’t make love — they want to get passionately pounded, smitten, smashed and wrecked until their body says no. They’re the kind of little whores who don’t give blowjobs: they’d rather have you fuck them in the mouth, by shoving your cock down their hole like it’s a vagina while holding their head still and impregnating their throat and palate with your special cream. These sorts of kinks truly give men great fulfillment, at least for the time they last.


These queen sluts get a lot of flak from both jealous envious women and heart-broken men who have been rejected by them, so it’s necessary to defend them from time to time. We need to focus on what they can offer us and appreciate them for who they are instead of constantly pointing out their shortcomings. While they don’t make good long term lovers, their contribution to society is of a totally different nature. Men should not put a ring on hoes, but they should undoubtedly have a taste of them, as they are one of the finest experiences life has to offer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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