Is Rape On Campus A Myth?


There is an ongoing hysteria about campus rape lately. Just like the bird flu a few years ago, everyone is scared of an invisible threat that might hit them at any given time. The rape “stats” are becoming more and more outrageous every year, and the Obama administration has even joined the cause and made it a national interest. People are going crazy.

Is this even real? Is taking women on campus by force a wide spread phenomenon requiring its own national campaign? Some have addressed the issue with science and statistics. Some have tried with humor. But good old common sense will put it to rest.

Legs > hands

I’ve had many girlfriends and female buddies. Some were beautiful and tall African women, some were cute and petite Asian girls. I used to play fight with them in the bed, where we were playing rapey games with me on top and them trying to escape. Of course, they could never break away, but one thing always struck me. No matter how big or strong they were, or small and weak they were, their legs were always stronger than my hands. Even the 100 pounds skinny girl’s thighs would outperform my hands. It was simply impossible to open them without their consent or without resorting to tickling torture. 

Hence, for a man to force a woman to have sex with him, he needs to either use violence or threaten with violence with serious intent behind it.

No woman will just lay there and let a man rape her unless he really means business. Would you tell your friend, boyfriend or random college classmate to “please stop” if he was really raping you? Hell no, you would start screaming, biting, squeezing nuts and fighting back. The man would have to threaten to kill you with a gun to your head or a knife to your throat, or hit you violently and aggressively to make you understand he has the intent to go as far as possible to get sex.

There’s no such thing as a quiet rape in a dorm room where your “screams” didn’t wake up the 5 other students nearby.

Therefore, the psychological profile of a real rapist is someone with a lack of humanity and compassion, the cruel kind who wouldn’t mind slashing veins open and breaking a few bones to get what he wants. Does that describe the typical college student you hang out with?

College girls > college boys

Nowadays, western men are raised starting from their very first years of childhood to be effeminate and sensitive. Their masculinity is shamed and their bold behaviors are discouraged. Could these pajama boys have enough meanness and aggressively inside them to take women by force? Hell, they can’t even take one who is consensual. I get a lot of comments from my friends saying they wish their guys took the lead more often or made the first move without having them to explicitly state it. They can’t even kiss a girl without asking her for permission first. And if they see a spider, they scream for your help.

In fact, a lot of male students are scared of their now more masculine female counterparts instead of the other way around. College girls are not exactly the damsel in distress type. The vast majority of college male students are not violent and would be unable to do something as brutal as rape, or even dare to think about it. In fact, pajama boys would get their ass kicked by their victims.

Fear and paranoia > reason

Those who are capable of rape are a minority. They are those sex starved misfits who lurk dark alleys to find their prey, or your weird uncle in your family who is a little too friendly. Not your average college student.

Creating fear and paranoia is a useful tool to control people and further promote political correctness, to bring attention to an issue that is not one while ignoring the important matters. Fear makes people obedient, more conservative and makes them take fewer risks. It’s the perfect weapon to maintain a status quo and prevents them from questioning issues in a mature manner. Worst of all, fear imposes black and white thinking and shuts down all sensible discussions, like the one on rape, where complete hysteria takes over rationality and common sense. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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