How Feminism Disempowers Women

Andreas Gradin /
Andreas Gradin /

My vast experience with other cultures has made me clash with lies and truths on many occasions. In the past decades, the Western media has done a good job portraying foreign women from traditional countries as poorly treated “second-class citizens” and portraying Western women as being more “respected” and happier with their career-oriented lives. Are they really?

Western women have more money, more job opportunities, and more education, but they have gained it at the cost of their strongest weapon of all: sex.

Foreign women

In traditional cultures, women are instructed and highly pressured to not give sex until marriage. Since sex is one of the biggest motivations for men all over the world, this forces males to truly demonstrate their worth, their interest, and their desire to commit to the woman they’re pursuing. They will do everything for a woman. They must go through many trials. First, they must have a good social position with a well-established job, which is harder in those countries. Then the men have to be accepted by the woman’s family by being scrutinized by the father, who does everything to protect his daughters from smartasses.

Then, if all goes well, the man has to treat the woman to dinners, to regular dates, has to invest money in her, buy her gifts, court her, call her on the phone often … sometimes for many years. During this time, they only hold hands and kiss (maybe). Then, once everything is cleared, the man has to prove his ultimate seriousness and interest. He has to be bound by the laws of marriage and promise to commit to the woman for the rest of his life. Only then can he get any sex.

I’ve known quite a few of these women personally. They have many good men over the years fighting for them, taking care of them, fixing their clogs, carrying their bags, etc. They have “suitors,” guys who are willing to stick around for a long time, and these guys are not losers or desperate.

These women are even average-looking. However, it has to be pointed out that they are not selfish. They return the favors and help the men, but not in a sexual manner.

Western women

In Western countries, the situation is quite the opposite. Feminism has taught that genders are social constructs and that men and women are essentially the same, even with their sexuality. Men haven’t been raised to be men, and women haven’t been raised to be women. Even worse is that men who are very masculine and women who are very feminine are forced to live against their natural instinct.

The consequences are simple. Feminism has destroyed everything that allowed women to have sexual power over quality men. Indeed, women are taught and highly pressured by feminism and their peers to be sexually free and enjoy sex as much as possible (which is fine by us, by the way, don’t change, ladies). What was once difficult to obtain 60 years ago is now obtainable within one or two weeks without even having to buy the girl a cup of coffee. All a man has to do is be cool and entertaining for a few hours. No inquisitive fathers involved, no annoying mothers, no boring talk on the phone for hours, no dates, no money required; hell, you don’t even need to have a job. You don’t even need to have friends. Sex has become cheap and easy.

For the capable man, feminism is a gift. He can have all the sex he wants with little effort or qualifications. Therefore, if he meets a good woman and they are both interested in each other, the man has all the leverage, since sex is the currency in relationships. If she’s not giving him sex quickly and easily, he knows there are another million girls who will, and she knows it, too. The pressure to spread her legs within a few weeks is too strong. She has lost all her sexual edge and power.


Western women, you have your money, your career, and your “respect,” but how is your love life? How do you like the dating scene and the way men treat you here? If you haven’t settled down with your high-school sweetheart, you’re probably one of these many lonely girls who keep asking, “Where did all the good men go?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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