How Women And Men Can Be On The Same Team Again


In the past few decades, men and women of the west have been digging trenches and throwing hate grenades at each other. Through this massacre, a lot of people from both camps were caught in the fight against their will. These innocent people have a hard time sympathizing with the other innocents from the opposite sex, because the education and the social pressure they receive sabotage their natural instinct to bond.

Sometimes, we have to put the gun down and realize that one of the girls wearing the enemy’s badge isn’t really an enemy. How should we interact with those women who are worth our time, and what should they do for us? Let’s see how we can make our interactions a mutually beneficial experience instead of a confrontational zero-sum game where the winner takes all.

Women have to support men

Men have very little patience for being slowed down by little chores and details. To help your man ease his day, just ask yourself: what can you do to allow him to focus 100% of his time and effort on his goals?

Keep track of his appointments and remind him of them. Sort out his mail and tell him what’s important. Cook, clean and serve him so he can be able to sit down and relax when he comes back from work.

Honey, dinner’s ready!

Women should also worry about the health of their man. Men have a tendency to overwork, so don’t let your man work too much. Watch his stress level and make him rest when he needs it by organizing some vacation. Let him vent his day, listen to him and empathize with him so he can be relieved. If you have some problem, talk to your girlfriend on the phone and leave your man out of them, unless they’re important.

That also extends to your close male friends. If you feel your connection with some men in your life is not strong, these simple gestures are a good starting point to strengthen it. The men who matter will remember it. They will fix your clogged pipes, give you lifts or debug your virus infected computer without having you to pay in nature for it.

Men have to make women feel like women

If we want women to be real women, then we have to treat them likewise. They need to feel pretty. Only we can give them that feeling. When you walk by a beautiful woman, look at her. Appreciate her beauty and let her know one way or another. You can tell her or just look her in the eye and make her understand. She will be flattered and will reward you with a warm smile. I love to make a woman who deserves it happy because it fills me with joy, so it’s beneficial for both of us.

Women also need to feel sexy. Flirting is the simplest way to trigger that feeling. For instance, there are so many beautiful girls from every nationality at my gym. Sometimes, when they walk by me, I check them out, starting at their long legs, then round buttocks, then their breasts. I make no effort to conceal it, and as they start noticing, they turn their head to look at me. Instead of turning away, I maintain eye contact and check out their face. Then they definitely know what’s going on in my head and the attraction is on.

So I proceed to the dip station when the girl I just teased take the machine right next to me  to do exercise which consists of laying down and contracting her butt for an infinite amount of reps. I enjoy the spectacle and I reward her by stingingly putting my gaze in her cleavage right at the moment when our eyes are about to meet again. I’m happy to have this majestuous specimen to look at between my sets and she is happy to be turned on and validated by a powerful man.

Women need to help men be better men

Women should try to make men better by encouraging them to act like men. When men around you do good actions like being bold or working hard, praise them.

“You’re so strong!”

“You’re the best!”

“You’re the man!”

Women also need to learn how to respect men, which is a lost art in the western world. There are certain things you can’t say or do to a man without having him feel bad about himself, just like there are certain things you can’t do or say to a woman. For instance, alluding that a man is scared or weak is as strong as alluding that a woman is ugly or a whore. Don’t take it lightly and be mindful of your words and actions. You need to learn these concepts and practice them by yourself because society does not teach them anymore.

However, when sometimes the men close to you are pussing their way out of a situation or are not living up to their own standards, you should not let this go by. You need to remind them in a supportive, non cunty way that they have to face their challenges head on like men. Maybe in the moment it will cause them to be angry, but down the road they will remember you as a woman who they can trust and who truly cares about them.

Men need to protect and guide women

If you want your woman to be sweet, kind and feminine, you have to protect her from the ugliness of life so she can remain a flower at all times. Physical protection is obvious, like carrying heavy bags, doing manual labor or fighting. But psychological protection need not be neglected. You shouldn’t leave your woman in a position where she has to be a bitch.

For example, persistent vacuum cleaner sellers, annoying telemarketers, noisy neighbors or people starting trouble with your girl in public should be dealt with by you, even when the assailant is another female. Women hate confrontation, so don’t let them face these situations.

Think about it: every time your girl has to do these kinds of actions, she becomes more and more masculine, her hair becomes shorter and shorter, and in turn she becomes more frustrated with life in general. Down the line, if you’re in a relationship with her and you care about her, you pay the price.

Some forms of fighting are OK

Another important aspect of preserving the tenderness in a woman is guidance. Should I go out tonight? This dress or this dress? Am I majoring in the right field? Is my job good for me? What should I do with my life? These are questions you will hear a lot from every woman if you spend enough time with them.

You might be annoyed with their interrogations and you might feel like they can find the answers themselves. However, the truth is women like to be told what to do to avoid making decisions. Even the smartest and richest women in the world go home to their man and ask them these questions that seem dumb on the surface. But in essence, what they want from you is your masculine sense of structure. You should give it to them, because it will also benefit you in the long run: they will be relieved and focus on being bubbly, happy and pleasant instead of wasting their talent on thinking too hard.

Do you think purple would make me sexier? Or blue? Or checkered patterns?


Doing these simple gestures allows you to have more meaningful interactions and relationships with the women who matter. This is a lot more forceful and effective than bashing each other. We have the power to influence society with our own actions and choices. Forget about weak men and feminists. Their personal failures speak louder than every word they have ever spoken, and the next generation is not going to follow their guidance if we have something better to show them. Focus on yourself, start now and lead by example. The world will be a better place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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