If You Died Tomorrow, What Would You Regret Most?

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If you died tomorrow, what would you regret most?

Would it be that you didn’t follow your dreams? Did you let time slip away without ever really focusing on what you were truly put on this earth to do? Did you continue to put your true career aspirations on the back-burner while you worked tirelessly at a dead-end job? Did you throw your dreams away because you didn’t believe you could achieve them? Did you lose faith in yourself, or let the fear of failure stop you from trying? Did you not try hard enough?

Would it be that you wished you had spent more quality time with family and friends? Were you always “too busy” to make plans, or worse, always failed to keep the plans you did make? Would you let weeks or months go by before reaching out to friends or family to try and get together? Did you forget the true meaning of quality time? And no, not just staring at your phone while you sit in the same room as someone, but rather, having true, deep, intellectual conversations, or reminiscing about all the good times and laughing until it hurts.

Would it be how you treated others? Did you often cause unnecessary drama or cause stress in others with your weariness or inability to be empathetic? Were you continuously looking for conflict…maybe without knowing you were? Were you spreading your negativity onto people who were trying really hard to be happy? Did you spend too much time complaining about the little things rather than appreciating life and those who loved you? Do you wish you had been more kind and respectful towards others? Do you know you could been more grateful for the people who were in your life, the ones who cared about you even when you hurt them, intentionally or unintentionally?

Would it be that you never took the time to self-reflect? Often times, we take out our own internal conflicts on those we love most, without even realizing it. Did you not stop to think about how your negative energy may have been affecting those around you? Did you let your own turmoil get in the way of being the best possible version of yourself? Did you never think to get therapy when you may have needed it? Did you never take the time to stop blaming everyone else for all your problems and self-reflect on how you could have done better, or tried harder, or had a different outlook on life?

Would it be that you didn’t love with your entire heart? Did you spend years in a relationship that you knew was going nowhere? Did you stay with someone out of convenience once the love had faded? Did you love someone with your entire heart but forget to remind them of that every chance you could? Did you let silly fights overshadow a love that once conquered all? Did you forget how important the little things are? Did you get so comfortable with someone you stopped showing your affection? Did you take that person for granted? Did you lose sight of all the love you had?

Would it be that you let your bitterness become you? Did you let all the pain of your past turn you into a bitter soul? Did you let it take hold of you, completely overshadow the person you once were? Did you drown in the negativity without ever considering how to let go of that bitterness? Did you focus so much of your energy on the negative things, that you forgot about all of the positive things in your life?

Would it be that you let your life revolve around money? Did you forget the true meaning of happiness, love, and family? Did you put money first? While money is important, it should never be put before love and family nor your own true happiness. Did you not realize that you’ll never look back on life and remember the money – you’ll only remember the memories, the love, and the happy moments. Money doesn’t matter enough to let your life revolve around it.

Would it be that you didn’t explore the world? Did you stay in your tiny little corner of the earth your whole life? Did you forget that there is an entire world out there to see? Did you miss that chance to explore it? Did you not grab life by the horns and take risks, be adventurous, and go to new places whenever you could? Did you keep waiting to take that dream vacation and now it’s too late?

Would it be that you let your entire life pass by without ever realizing what you were put on this earth for? We’re all put here for a reason, and life can certainly end in an instant. Don’t let it pass you by. Live it to the fullest. Take the highs and lows as they come, it’ll never be perfect. Do the best you can. Appreciate those around you and remember they may not be around forever. Stay strong to get through the bad and cherish all the good. Never lose sight of yourself or those you love. Take time to self-reflect on yourself and your own internal battles so that you can overcome them. You can take that journey to becoming a better person all around.

So that way, if you died tomorrow, you would know wholeheartedly that you lived life to the absolute fullest and became the best possible version of yourself along the way. TC mark

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