Stop Telling Me You're Too Busy To See Me

Stop Telling Me You’re Too Busy To See Me

Don’t tell me you’re busy, because I don’t buy that shit anymore.

I’ve been with a number of guys who have used the excuse of being too busy, and I just don’t believe it. The thing is, I’m busy as well, with my family, my job, my friends, and with personal stuff, but I have the time to send a single text message. I have the time to make a simple phone call.

So please stop saying you’re too busy, or that you don’t have the time for me, because if you liked me enough, you would find the time, the way I do for the people I care about. Stop telling me you’re too busy, because if you really wanted to make our relationship work, you would actually put effort into it. I’m done hearing, “I’m busy,” because I’m done feeling unworthy of someone else’s time.

Stop telling me you’re busy, because I’m done pretending I’m okay with canceled plans. I’m done acting like waiting for you to become available isn’t a big deal. I’m done pretending that getting nothing from you is enough. I’m done testing my patience when there’s nothing I get back in return. I am tired of hearing your lame excuses for why you’re so busy each and every day, because I know if you cared enough, you’d give me more than this.

Stop telling me you’re busy, because I am too, but I am willing to go out of my way to show you what you really mean to me. And if that’s too much to ask for, then I guess we’re better off without each other. So stop telling me you’re busy, because I know how much time you spend doing nothing, while I’m stuck here waiting. Stop telling me you’re busy, because all I can think of is how I’m wasting my precious time waiting for text messages and phone calls from you that will never come. Wasting time that you don’t deserve at all.

I’m not a fool, so please stop telling me you’re too busy for me, because I don’t buy it anymore. If you cared, you wouldn’t let me feel taken for granted at all, you wouldn’t let me wait for so long. So please stop telling me you’re too busy, because I’m tired of hearing it again and again.

Plus, I’m too busy to listen to your lies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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