5 Principles That Will Remind You Not To Give Up On Love


People often say that hurting is always part of loving. Almost all of us have had our fair share of heart-break. It sounds terrifying, but every shot at a relationship is a risk of getting your heart-broken, but don’t let this miserable fact stop you from trying.

If you are stuck in a catastrophic relationship, been dumped or cheated on by someone recently, if you’ve been waiting for someone to love you back for so long, or if you have decided to give up on love completely, let these 5 simple principles remind you that you should never lose hope in love.

1. There are approximately 7 billion people around the world

It is truly depressing sometimes how you could lose the person you love the most, but have you ever considered that there are probably numbers of guys out there who will treat you better than that person who ripped your heart, if you would just give it another try? Have you even considered that the guy you’ve been praying for lives in a different country, or traveling across the globe or maybe in a totally faraway continent? (a.k.a Adam Levine) If you will just keep your eyes open, the world would not seem so small and sad after all.

2. Always remember that a person cannot hurt you without your consent

We often cling to our relationship even if it isn’t making us happy anymore. I know it isn’t easy to let go of a relationship, but if you know your worth as a person, you won’t let yourself be trapped in a relationship that is not making you utterly happy. Do not let the fear of being alone again, or not finding someone else stop you from being happy. If you know your worth as a person, be brave enough to walk away from pain and know that you will find someone who will know your worth too.

3. Love is easy, even if it hurts

We can’t erase the fact that love hurts and that relationships take a lot of hard work, but despite all these we should always bear in mind that love should be easy. Love shouldn’t be exhausting, and it shouldn’t make us feel empty. Love, in fact should make you feel whole despite all the sacrifices and efforts you have given. It should feel exciting despite all the fights you’ve been going through, it should make you feel giddy even if all you do is annoy each other. Love should feel easy because it’s a two-way street, because you get what you deserve. Trust me; someone out there will make you feel this kind of love. One day, all of the efforts you’ve wasted for the wrong person will be worth it because it will lead you to the love that you deserve, and it will be easy.

4. Everything happens for a reason

This is one of the principles I believe not only in relationships but life, in general. You should know that not all relationships are meant to last. If you will just look at these failed relationship as lessons in life, you will realize that each on of them were preparations towards a better one. Always remember that some failures are blessings in disguise. You may not agree to this now, but these failures were leading us to a brighter tomorrow. Pain often makes us blind from possibilities and the brighter side of things. These relationships that wrecked us will all leave us lessons, these people who left us hurting will help us be better partners in the future, and all of these were just stepping-stones towards the person who is truly meant for us.

5. Timing is everything

Someone out there is meant for, maybe it isn’t just time yet. Time allows us to mature, and grow as a person. It helps us move on and heal wounds from the trials we had in life. Time will tell when two people should be together. The key is to be really patient because in time, we will eventually get what we have been praying for. Maybe now isn’t the time yet because there are things in our life, or his life, that still needs fixing. Maybe there are still things that we have to learn before the perfect time comes. It could be really tiring to wait for the right person, and the right time but in time someone will make you feel it was worth the entire wait. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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