To The Girl Who Loves Him Next

Frank McKenna

I’m going to start with this: I hope it works out between you two. I genuinely, with all my heart, all my being, hope that it works out. When I first met him, I had hoped so badly that we would last, but life happened. Before I knew it, I wasn’t in love with the boy that I had once thought the world of. Let me tell you this: I wasn’t in love with him because of any fault of his own. I had my own problems, my own insecurities that I had to battle, alone.

I wasn’t brave enough to let him stand by my side. I know that he would have though.

He would have been faithful, loving, and would have pushed me through it all. I didn’t want that, and I didn’t need that. So I did what I only knew how to do, I ran. I left, like I always do. I tell all guys on the first date that if this becomes something more serious, I will be the one to run. They always laugh and think that they’re different. Just as he did. He swept me off my feet in the best possible way and for a moment, I believed that I wouldn’t run.

The truth is that I love dating bad guys. I love it because in the end, I have a reason to break up with them, but with him, he was the furthest thing from that. He was honest. He always meant what he said; he will tell you what’s on his mind, all the time. He is faithful. He lets you into all parts of his life, from knowing who he is texting if you feel the insecurity, or to letting you have the last bite of his food. He is giving, he gives everything when he is in love. His heart is big but it always has room to love some more. When you love him, it is unexpected and overwhelming in the best possible way.

In the end, I saw our futures but not together. Our paths were leading in different directions and I can only hope that his was leading to you.

He is a gentle, artistic, and incredible person with so much potential in life – but as I looked at what his life was to be and what I wanted out of mine, I saw different paths. He was headed in one direction, and me another. The scariest thing in life is looking at the man you love and having to let him go. I let him go for you. So to the girl who loves him next, here is what I hope for you:

I hope he is your soulmate. I hope you love him every day of your life from the moment you meet him. I can’t imagine seeing him heartbroken again. I hope he sweeps you off your feet. For the first few months, I hope you get butterflies every time you see his name pop up in your phone. I hope that in the beginning, you gossip to your friends about him, you gush about how lucky you are. I hope you wonder how any girl could have let him go. I hope he makes you laugh uncontrollably. I hope it is the kind of laugh that makes your cheeks hurt. I hope he showers you with kisses. I hope that every time he kisses you, you fall in love again and again.

I hope you love him fully with every being of your soul. I hope when you meet him, that the moment you see him, you fall in love. I hope you see him for who he is. I hope you realize that he is a gentle soul who deserves love – pure, unending love.

I hope you fully trust him. He loves so innocently, he won’t ever cheat on you or make you feel any less because of your past. I already know that he accepts you for who you are because if he chose you to be with then you are enough, more than enough. I hope you know that with him, he won’t judge your friends or your family. He will always trust you to go out. Whether it’s a girls night or a work get together, he won’t ever question it. He will understand if you bail on him last minute because of work or if you’re simply tired. He is that kind of guy. He will always put you before himself, and that’s where his faults begin and end.

I hope that you realize that when he is staring at you, he is falling hopelessly in love. He is looking over every ounce of your body as if it is a canvas. He will notice the little things about you and he will point them out. He will see that freckle or that birthmark you cringe over and tell you it’s adorable. Best of all, he will mean it. I hope you know that when he points it out, it’s all out of love. Like I said, he says what is on his mind.

I hope you wake up feeling beautiful and enough for him every day of your life. I hope you have the same goals and the ability to see a future together. I hope one day down the line, that you two begin to build a life together and that your futures fit as if they are perfect puzzle pieces for each other. I hope you make him smile every day and that he does the same for you.

I know my advice means nothing to you but if it could, I would tell you to love with all your heart. I would tell you to love him as if it was your first time falling in love and that I hope you know that your heart is in a safe place with him. I would tell you to never stay mad, because in the long run with him, it won’t ever matter. But the best piece of advice I can give you is to go for it – because he will be worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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