20 Little Tips For When You’re Ready To Start Acting Like A Grown Up In Your 20s

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1. Find a place to live that’s your own. Whether with roommates, a spouse, or on your own, independence is important.

2. Pay your bills. Just do it.

3. Live within your means. You don’t have to be extravagant to be stylish and material things certainly don’t buy happiness.

4. Learn how to budget yourself. The sooner, the better.

5. Invest in your future. Put a little money in a 401K. “Live fast, die young” is fun until you’re old, ready to retire, exhausted and broke.

6. Learn how to cook. A few basic meals that aren’t hot pockets and steamer bags.

7. Buy clothes that fit. Trust me, even if it means going up a size, it looks so much more presentable.

8. Have versatile outfits. Keep something in your closet for your friend’s wedding, that work party you were invited to and going to meet someone’s parents.

9. Take care of your clothes. Hang them, iron them, and wash them correctly. You’ll get a lot more out of them if you do.

10. Show up to work looking ready for work. Take a shower, comb your hair, smile. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

11. Maintain good personal hygiene. You get one set of adult teeth, brush ‘em.

12. Know when to speak and when to remain silent. You know, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Some things really are better left unsaid.

13. Give compliments. Not only doesn’t it brighten someone’s day, it shows true self confidence.

14. Aim for good nutrition. Our bodies are our vehicles through this life, love them.

15. Get enough sleep. This is essential. Your bodies need rest, recovery, and so does your mind.

16. Keep a clean car. It doesn’t have to be fresh out of the detail shop but when your boss wants to ride with you to an event, do you really want to have to throw loads of trash in the trunk and douse the car in Lysol?

17. Change the batteries in your smoke detector regularly. Yep, do that. Empty your lint filter while you’re at it.

18. Call your parents. They love you, you love them even if you’re rolling your eyes right now. Just say hi once in a while.

19. Interact. Look up from your phone once in a while. Go outside. Get off social media. Face to face interaction is headed for extinction.

20. Give yourself a break. You are your biggest critic. You’re doing fine, take a breath and relax. Everything is going to be alright. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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