Here’s What Happened When I Stayed After Work One Night With My Hot, Male Underling

Shutterstock, Vania Lynd
Shutterstock, Vania Lynd

Some say those who are usually in a dominant role in their work environments like to engage in submissive roles outside of work, as a way of release, if you will. But, sometimes, getting outside of work simply cannot wait…

Tall, taut, tan, highly educated and intelligent, acutely articulate, and just simply elegant, he was the perfect candidate for the entry-level assistant position she had been so laboriously seeking to fill. The others before him infallibly paled in comparison. This one touched something deep inside her, awakened the recesses within her body that seemed long dormant-dead. Each morning she would watch him at the water cooler, how his gait, the way her merely moved, aroused the unfulfilled desires within her. She was the boss, the one who had all the control. There was no way he could deny her, no way he could deprive her of all her most lascivious fantasies.

He wanted to make her happy, wanted to prove he was worthy to be in her presence. He would do whatever it took to satisfy her every need. No matter the task. Staying late night after night would be sure to please her. And, it did.

On this particular night, she had called him into her office. It was late. Dark. The silence permeated the institutional walls like a sponge. The sultry heat from the night air was wafting through the building’s windows. She could feel the warm sweat from her soft skin run down the middle of her chest, glistening in the warm glow of moonlight that was coming in from the window.

He entered her office and she had told him to close the door. He did as he was instructed. She told him to come over to her. He acquiesced. She told him to have his way with her. He did.

With one swift move, both of his hands ripped open her beautiful, white silk blouse. He couldn’t bear to wait to unhook her bra to expose her ever hardening nipples that were surrounded by the luscious, soft skin of her ample breasts, so he simply lifted the bra over her head while he devoured her tits in his wet mouth. Her pussy began to moisten and she could feel her flower start to open, bud. The fire between her legs was growing and she anticipated what he was going to do next to her yearning body. The thought was almost too painful to bear.

He reached down and hiked up her tight, black pencil skirt, exposing her nude, flesh-colored fishnets. He reached for the crotch and ripped them apart. She wore no panties, so he fingers found her dripping cunt swelling, opening. She felt a few of his fingers exploring deep inside her, sending waves of ecstasy down her entire body. Just when she thought she was nearing the point of no return, he stopped and ordered her to her knees.

She didn’t have to be told.

She fastidiously undid his Italian leather belt, slid it through the hoops of his Armani slacks, carefully unzipped his fly, and found his throbbing thick cock waiting for her anxious mouth. She took him in deep. His head threw back with intense pleasure as she sucked every inch of his eager rod. She couldn’t get enough of the taste of him, her eager tongue working his balls, the underside of his shaft. She could taste the beginnings of his spunk in the back of her hot throat. He thought he was going to implode, but he wanted more of her. He couldn’t bear the thought of his cock not exploring her pussy, or her tight, hot ass. He took her gently by the head and picked her up off her knees. He kissed her mouth ferociously as she succumbed to his pillowy lips and deft tongue. Oh, how she imagined that very same tongue deep in her bottom. How many nights had she vividly fantasized about this very night? And, it was here.

Before she could conjure up her next thought, she found herself on all fours on top of her own desk. His skillful hands spreading her ass cheeks apart so wide, she was sure she would split into two. Her tiny, tight, brown hole beginning to blossom with every wet, teasing stroke of his tongue. Her pussy was becoming increasingly wet and she could feel her hot, salty juices make their way down her thighs. She begged him to give it to her, to dive into her ass with his gorging dick.

She wanted him to explore her depths fiercely, passionately. The taste of her ass made his cock ache with pleasure. He reached around and took one of her hands and made her insert her fingers inside her swollen pussy. His hand stayed on top of hers until he was fully satisfied she was playing with herself to his satisfaction. Then, spreading her ass, he plunged into her with such excitement and fervor, she thought she would pass out from the pleasure alone. She couldn’t remember the last time a man had filled her up so effectively. She could feel him slightly tear her, and it provoked him even more. He pumped relentlessly inside her while she continued to diligently finger her tight, sweltering cunt. She imagined another one of her young, handsome colleagues bursting through the door and fucking her mouth endlessly.

She craved being filled up in every way imaginable. She could feel herself getting closer to the edge, the edge where she will spill over in waves of ecstasy while he continued to pump her. As she got closer, she could feel him getting increasingly harder, longer, thicker. The mere thought of him ripping her insides sent her gasping as she was spilling over. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she shook with pleasure, her pussy and ass contracting, enveloping his cock. She could barely hold herself up as he exploded deep inside her obedient ass. His one hand on her tight cheek, the other on the back of her neck. He cried out in pure pleasure as his hot spunk filled up every inch of her beautiful, submissive ass.

They lay there, in one hot, molten heap atop her desk, in the afterglow of the smoldering, humid air that fell around them. Just another day-night- on the job. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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