Neutrinos And Astrology: Could This ‘Ghost Particle’ Be the Force Behind Human Consciousness?

Astrology is finally making a compelling presence in modern society; though slowly but surely making its comeback in scientific fact. I’ve published information on sociophysics and even how astrology can be tested (and has been tested) with the scientific methods despite popular misconception.

Of course, this article is mostly for exploring (and entertaining) some degree of quantum theory and perhaps the underlying connections it has to human development. By no means is this scientifically proven and is only intended to start dialogue on the topic.

First, let’s talk about neutrinos.

What are they?

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Neutrinos are considered the building blocks of our universe as they particles even smaller than electrons. These “ghost particles”, according to quantum theory, compose the quantum fields which are more than just subatomic particles but also energy fields in which these subatomic particles interact.

Where are they?

They pass through the poles of the Earth, through our bodies, all life on Earth, and throughout our entire universe.  They are transmitted mostly from the sun and form from nuclear reactions in stars and other celestial objects.

What do they do?

Here’s the twist: due to these particles accumulating little to no atomic mass, they can’t interact with “normal” matter. Which is where scientists, theorists, and philosophers alike are raising their eyebrows. We can somehow observe the effects of protons, neutrons, electrons, and other particles; however, these little “ghost” particles seem to have “no purpose”.

So let me get this straight……. Scientists have been itching to know where the heck human emotions (consciousness) came from because we can’t see them (without reading human behavior)….. but we finally see a particle that we kind of can’t see, but also can……. That come from massive bodies of energy in space……. Which pass through anything and everything around us…… Which is depicted in astrology.

But it gets weirder…..

According to the standard model for quantum fields, there are 12 fundamental subatomic particles.

Wow………. How freakin’ convenient! 12 is a familiar number…… oh yeah! Maybe because there’s 12 zodiac signs.

Okay, let’s start with the fact neutrinos conjoin with the 3 particles of life: electron, muon, and tau particles. They each behave similarly; however, each carries a different mass where the muon particle is 200x greater than the electron while the tau particle is 3000x greater.

This is where astrology is growing more and more plausible. What has 3 in astrology? Modalities, which astrology depicts as how energy is processed and transformed specifically through consciousness. Then from there we see how the 12 signs and 4 elements can be subdivided into 3 modalities. All of this is demonstrated on a “new period table” where the rows and columns of these 12 particles are interrelated somehow.

Let’s take a look at the Tesla Code:

Nicolas Tesla, known for his breakthroughs in engineering and science, united science, technology, math, and as I am specifically focusing on: human consciousness. The Tesla Code stresses this universal algorithm where, in vortex math, everything adds up to 9, 3, and 6. Conceptually speaking, these numbers are technically not physical and actually govern the quantum realm.

Now take a look back at the link/table. Quantum theorists can’t tell you why there’s 12 total while their energetic properties break down into 3s. They’ve tried. They have no scientific explanation.

This is one of things there sometimes the intuitive matters as much as, if not more than, the logical. If there’s something we should take from this, it’s that we can’t fully understand the universe around and within us without integrating the perspectives of social, physical, and natural sciences.

Similarly to Tesla and understanding even particle systems of electricity, it comes to show how the universe within us and the human interactions behave exactly like that of electricity. If our universe is theoretically expanding, which can only be done with energy which requires matter, then that means humanity and the consciousness driving our existence is expanding too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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