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There’s a great possibility that you have been through something tough or profound in recent years—and quite frankly, you haven’t let it go even if you think you have.

You struggle with your demons—past or present—yet you fear healing more than the hell you’ve been through.

The Internet glorifies and normalizes your anxieties as if it’s the ‘trendy’ experience of the 21st century, yet somehow, there’s a collective misunderstanding of how your anxieties are blankets of darkness inhibiting every corner of your subconscious.

You can’t escape it in your head, whereas you feel people are not physically or mentally attuned to what you are experiencing.

Why do you fear healing? Why do you convince yourself that you don’t deserve the best?

Life isn’t supposed to get harder, and screw whoever told you that. If your goal is to grow stronger, wiser, and better, life effortlessly gets easier. This is the entire process behind healing.

Are you going to take the strength God tried delivering you through the hard times so you can finally give yourself the love you’ve always been deserving of?

It seems painful having to remove yourself from those who no longer serve you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Paradoxically, you can’t heal without leaving the environment you got sick in.

But babe, the worst part is over. The day you recognize and own your power is the beginning of an end, you will be taking strides into the unknown blindfolded by your own anxieties. It might be scary and uncomfortable, but any great hunter understands the gains come from unexplored territory.

You are a snake shedding its skin, regenerating a new identity while maintaining the essence of who you are. The cycle of life is oddly beautiful because hardships are oftentimes God’s way of closing a door you couldn’t yourself.

Nothing is permanent except God’s undying love for us. He wants you to heal. He wants you to recognize your worth. He wants you to realign with your higher purpose and elevate to new heights.

Do you want that for yourself?

You cannot experience true joy until you experience true pain. Like a slingshot, you have to be pulled down as far as you can before transcending higher than you ever have.

His love is abundant, and He is eager to share it with you. Let yourself heal. You survived your living hell; now you’ll survive the healing with a fresh breath of air to spare, and that is a blessing worth holding onto. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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