Here’s Why You Should Try Abstinence

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Abstinence is a topic of ridicule due to how sexual liberation is a dominant aspect of modern, popular culture.

Before I go any further, I must note the difference between abstinence, celibacy, and chastity. Celibacy is a strict vow to refraining from marriage and sex whereas chastity is a lifestyle. On the other hand, abstinence is a temporary, voluntary decision to abstain from sexual activity for any reason of your choosing.

I get it—young people, adolescents and young adults alike, experience weird stuff going through puberty and maturity. There’s urges, curiosity, heartbreaks, or whatever personally goes on with whoever.

By no means am I here to be a prude and tell you what to do with your life or why you shouldn’t have sex. As a matter of fact, I absolutely believe sex is healthy to our functioning and shouldn’t be refrained from simply because of religious values or social expectations. That is completely up to you.

Truth is, only we know what is best for ourselves—which is largely why I suggest young adults practice abstinence at one point or another.

It has less to do with STDS or unplanned pregnancy.

Sure, less sex means less probability of getting an STD or pregnant. Definitely a plus.

However, my entire point of writing this article is to unearth the overlooked aspects of our sexual nature. People look at these things from a concrete standing— sex is physical and attractional. The same way you attract pregnancy, STDs, or your (perhaps awful) taste in men/women.

Sex is not just physical.

Duh. Right?

Believe it or not, you’d be surprised how many people are quick to say this yet find healing and entertainment in multiple sex partners. No judgments because we all end up there at some point. If anything, I think these little “phases” are important in helping us reach spiritual maturity and understanding both our spiritual and sexual needs.

After all, sex is about 95 percent spiritual/mental and about 5 percent physical. (Disclaimer: This is just a ratio I pulled out from behind; this is not a legit statistic.)

I eventually learned the whole “giving a part of you” is not far fetch.

I’m not talking about your heart— I’m talking about your energy.

Remember, your soul is essentially a bundle of energy using your body as a vessel to explore a purpose much greater than yourself.

People often think if there is no emotional attachment to the person they’re hooking up, then no harm is done. However, energy exchange— from sex and in general— is far more complex than we think.

Life is more than the physical or emotional experiences that come with it. Every little thing we say, do, or think releases energy. Likewise, sex energy vibrates at such a high frequency that it takes a lot of energy to do so.

What makes sex different from other daily interactions? Sexual intercourse is the peak time of conscious and subconscious concentration; therefore, the energy exchange is far greater.

Our auras change when our partners change.

Have you ever felt “off” after having sex with a certain someone, but you couldn’t put your finger on why? The sex wasn’t bad, they were decent looking, and you may not feel shame per se.

Well……. your aura is picking up energy frequencies of your partner….. and their previous partners…… and they’re picking up yours, too. In the spiritual realm, sloppy seconds is literally an understatement.

Without the ability to discern others’ energies from our own, it can offset us subconsciously and set a negative pattern you get comfortable with following. Oftentimes people lose themselves during this phase due to the potency of the energetic debris left behind from multiple sex partners.

Now, let’s not treat this like the cooties and fear for our lives. The only way you won’t take on others’ energies is if the person you sleep with regularly cleanses their energy— whether it be consciously or subconsciously. Any intense focus, regular meditation practice, or channeling of creativity is ideal for aura cleansing.

For example, athletes often cleanse their energy by focusing on their sport and improving themselves. (Which they don’t usually realize they’re doing it.)

Abstinence is the ultimate energy cleanse.

You can’t heal in the same environment you got sick in. You can’t clean yourself in the same place you got dirty. Logic, right?

Solitude is the key to spiritual rejuvenation and energy cleansing. In addition, mental work to release certain energy is necessary. When it comes to sex, it’s simple— abstain from sex for however long you feel is best and start practicing self-care.

This applies to both males and females.

In conclusion:

We often forget the sanctity of sex; the expansion of higher consciousness which bind together the polarities of masculinity and femininity. I’m not one to preach monogamy and purity, but I can definitely say that sex is also one of those things you experiment with in moderation if the sex isn’t practiced out of spiritual bondage.

Tantric sex reflects this very idea of how sex is a powerful energy force that will help you grow or a self-destructive habit hindering your spirit’s potential.

I speak quite generally here. The reason I strongly recommend abstinence is because zooming in on ourselves and configuring our energy sets us frees in ways I can’t count. It can be for a few weeks, a month, few months, a year, or however long you need. It’s a matter of doing it; not how long.

If you’re lonely, heartbroken, or find yourself constantly wanting more, just remember sometimes you find more with less. Give it a shot. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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