Here Are The 4 Most Important Parts Of Your Natal Chart You Need To Know

Over recent years, astrology is increasingly becoming popularized in mainstream society. However, it’s easily dismissed because horoscopes and astrology sites provide forecasts based on your sun sign.

I’ve been reading and observing astrology for almost five years now. I’ve interpreted numerous birth charts. Before I do one’s chart, they often express to me that they don’t fully resonate with their sun sign. Some parts do…… but not really.

Guess what? Astrology and your personal natal chart is much more detailed and is essentially a universal map to your entire existence. Time, space, and matter are all what science calls a continuum, so it makes sense that the exact time and place different celestial objects were when you were born influence the energies embodied in your spirit.

Your natal chart is meticulously calculated which is what produces the beautiful soul you are. For time’s sake, I’m focusing this piece on what I consider the four most important aspects of your chart— sun, moon, ascendant, and midheaven signs. 

Sun Sign: Your dominant personality traits; your soul’s essence; who you’re destined to be.

Your sun sign is which constellation the sun was passing through when you were born. It is the essence of your soul and is undoubtedly the most dominant aspect of your chart. Sun transits happen approximately every month. That’s why we associate certain zodiac signs with different months.

For example, I’m a Leo. Many people who get a first glance can’t tell based on the archetypical characteristics of my sign (which I will get to in a moment). However, I’ve noticed my Leo traits rapidly develop the older I get. Our soul’s essence doesn’t really surface itself until life experiences dig that part of ourselves up to be exposed.

Moon sign: Your emotional and intuitive nature.

Your moon sign rules the deeper part of your personality. It is an indicator of your subconscious tendencies, innate abilities, etc. It intensifies the traits seen within your sun sign. Moon transits occur approximately every two days.

People often confuse what distinguishes their moon sign from their Venus sign. While Venus can indicate family dynamics, love, beauty, and money, the moon’s energy is heavier, more profound, and is our psychological compass.

For example, my moon is also in Leo. When I look at myself, I think I embody everything as a Leo. I’m a hunter, leader, and intuitively driven being. I’m extremely protective and loving. My Venus in Cancer may make me less likely to provoke conflict and more reserved in love, but my Leo moon comes out when emotions such as jealousy and fear are present.

Emotions like this are when you see your intuitive side which is all your moon sign is.

Ascendant sign: First impression; outward appearance; how other people view you.

Your ascendant sign is what sign was over the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Your ascendant sign changes every few hours. It is likely why people are surprised to find out your zodiac sign. A more reserved Gemini or an extremely outgoing Pisces is likely due to a different ascendant. It’s often the side of you that surfaces in social situations or environments.

For example, I am a Virgo ascendant. One part of the Leo personality I never resonated with was the whole “Leos are the center of attention and crave drama”. Load and behold, my Virgo rising makes me slightly more reserved and logical. I like recognition for my hard work and like my ideas to be heard, but attracting attention is not so much my thing. People don’t see my super sociable, charismatic, and wild Leo side until they are past first impressions.

Midheaven: Your career ambitions; your life purpose; your mark on the world.

Your midheaven placement, or the medium coli, is exactly what you need to look at when determining what you want to do with your life. It reveals a facet of your personality when it comes to your work style, intellectual strengths, and where success is most natural. Most midheaven placements have a corresponding ascendant sign, so someone with the same rising as you is likely to pursue a similar career path.

For example, my midheaven is in Gemini which often corresponds with a Virgo ascendant. I am a Sun/Mercury dominant over here. Gemini’s are known for multitasking, and people with this placement simultaneously pursue different interests. Guess what? I’m into astrology, writing, and politics. I basically have two degrees– one in global studies and the other in education. Gemini rules education, so isn’t that interesting?

I need a high stimulation career. Meanwhile, Leos are known for performance and drama. Due to my Virgo/Gemini placement, I have a public persona in areas of communication (ruled by Mercury) rather than performance (like most Leos).

See what I’m getting at? Based on other placements, you get a better indication of your personality. I mostly embody Leo, and those placements clarified are why I’m different in those areas. Your natal chart will reveal the exact same thing.

To calculate yours, I recommend Astrotheme. It’s 100% free. Click on “Advanced Options” to see all aspects of your chart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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