Why I’m A ‘Fempowerist’ And Not A ‘Feminist’

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Feminists rise to the occasion and claim if any woman is for their social, political, and economic rights and freedoms, then she must be a feminist. “If you believe in full equality of the sexes and fighting women’s oppression, then you are a feminist. So every woman should, indeed, be a feminist.”

Skeert skeert. Back up. That’s exactly why I am not a feminist.

By definition and theory, feminism “is the belief that man and woman are socially, politically, and economically equal.” Sounds great until we look at just how vague this really is.

I used to be a feminist until I realized how little efficacy the movement has. Feminism has fought for “equal” to the extent where it demands not just equal opportunity but also equal outcome….. with the exception that if women are exceeding, then “equality” no longer applies.

I am a fempowerist because I believe maximizing human potential—women’s potential in this case—is instrumental in achieving equality.

Fearing someone else will take your power and demanding “equality” to protect it erases all legitimacy of your personal freedom and power. That is the primary reason I cannot consider myself a feminist.

Feminism entraps women into past victimization and overgeneralizes a woman’s position in society. Just because some women have experienced certain obstacles associated with women’s oppression does not mean women as a whole are oppressed.

The key is word of “fempowerism” is empower; not equal. Fempowerism is not a concept based on double standards or collectively held expectations for women. The aim is to promote a more realistic idea of equality that produces more success. Its emphasis is on the freedom of a women that manifests into equality.

If we are inalienably equal based on universal forces and by the Creator, the only logical way to achieve equality is to raise collective consciousness about the masculine and feminine forces of our entire existence; to capitalize on our inherent strengths; to recognize how male and female are complementary.

Feminism, despite how hard people defend it, does not address this fundamental component of our societal nature.

When equality becomes the focus, we instead compare, pity, and/or overcompensate during a time where men and women are exceeding in their respective areas.

That shouldn’t be what we want to do.

Empowerment does not equate to overpowering. Women’s success is achieved through empowerment and emphasizing the strengths, advantages, and the individuality of each woman.

Feminism is an outdated ideology which no longer serves the societal demands of the modern era.

Women who say they choose not to associate with feminism because it’s “become” an outdated ideology needs to understand one thing: Feminism has always been a radical ideology.

In its defense, women’s severe mistreatment in the past necessitated women to radically push for women’s rights, to end discrimination, and to gain “equal” social, economic, and political opportunities. Credit given there. (“Radical” does not carry a negative connotation in the context I am writing in.)

Anyone mistreated the same way women were are going to be pushed far past their limits towards action. With every radical ideology is a form of embedded resentment that mobilizes it.

Feminism is no different.

The issue in history was the over-masculation of men which overpowered femininity. That is where the entire conceptualization of equality came from. “Feminism”, likewise, needed a radical approach to balance masculinity with femininity.

Hence where “feminism” got its name from.

Feminism is great for archives and a valuable part of our history, but it is not what women need today.

As each person is different and sex characteristics are significant to identity achievement, it is critical for women to embrace femininity without the idealistic expectations modern “third wave” feminists have assigned it.

We need an ideology that unites us on difference and gearing away from an overemphasis on the intersectionality of women.

It was a fight for women’s rights in the past when it was truly needed. Now its ideological roots only induce a power struggle in favor of females which contradicts “equality.”

Feminist logic today insinuates the overpowerment and emasculation of men because they cannot achieve more equality than they already have. If anything, women have more than equality.

Feminists will rarely capitalize our achievements but instead bitch and moan about why women need more, more, and more.

Is there progress needed? Yes.

Is the male patriarchy and women’s inequality to blame? No.

Fempowerism is the movement gearing us away from this logic and instead towards individual empowerment. Empowerment is unleashing one’s inner power to take control of their own lives and fates.

Women technically aren’t equal through feminist lens because they excel over men in some areas while men excel in others. Feminist logic cannot stand the idea that men will be better in some aspect and therefore focus on how to minimize them in all areas.

That’s not empowerment; that’s entitlement.

Feminists fight for women take all power while preaching for others to respect women’s power out of the name of equality. Empowering women doesn’t involve tearing down other groups.

Reciprocating past behaviors and ideologies onto another group only mobilizes the past into the present. Evidently, the past resentment of men has not died. Thus, we only regress.

Fempowerism is kind to both personal choice and traditional gender roles; therefore valuing the complementary characteristics of both man and woman. It is okay to embrace femininity while disallowing gender expectations to hinder a woman from achieving her goals.

“Not all feminists are radical or agree with third-wave feminism.”…. so they say.

If there are “so many” feminists who disagree with how it is done, then why aren’t more feminists revealing themselves and speaking up for the cause? I’ve been waiting and listening. Telling me “we’re not all like that” doesn’t do jack when I can’t see it to believe it.

Putting others down for not aligning with feminist beliefs is already bad. Watching your fellow feminists parade in vagina hats all to sit back and do nothing? That sure as hell doesn’t empower me.

Why don’t other feminists do this? Because feminism expects its associates to conform to its ideologyOne with radical roots.

Women who claim feminism declare they disagree with what feminists are doing and fighting for. They only agree with equality. Women should be intellectually honest and admit they aren’t feminist then. It makes no sense.

In conclusion, the idea behind “fempowerism” is to empower women to overcome personal obstacles that are commonly experienced by women in our society.

The past feminist conceptualization of “equality” is not compatible with the modern reality it has become. With the radical roots of feminism, it stands no chance of achieving the goals for women today.

If feminists want to claim women who aren’t feminist are robots of the patriarchy, then “fempowerism” will make it clear we, in fact, can achieve more through cooperation, empowerment, and education.

The feminist idea of “equality” means women should have everything men have despite different circumstances. In our capitalist, pro-individualistic society, expecting the same of everything for everyone demeans our inherent differences that allow society to thrive; that allow women to thrive.

I’m sure many feminists are laughing at the word “fempowerism” and declaring their ideology to be the reigning superior. If not that, then they’ve probably made their way to the comment section to tell me how misinformed I am or how my description of fempowerism is totally the same as feminism.

Women should be concerned about empowering themselves and promoting it to help other women do the same thing. Each woman’s strengths, advantages, and situations are different from one another. Believing in a strong woman should also mean believing in a strong man.

It’s time we stop talking about it and start being about it. If you’re a feminist, cool. I, however, see fempowerism as the new rising movement for women around the country. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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