The Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Empathetic They Truly Are

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Being an empath is both a blessing and a curse. It’s almost like receiving a massage kit as a gift. It’s a gift given to you, but it’s better used for healing and helping other people than yourself.

By no means is being an empath an easy feat, but it is for sure a gift that does more than you think. God gave you the gift of being able to absorb energies of other people, yet it seems like it does little to serve you.

This gift also uses surrounding energies to feel out “vibes” that can sense someone’s true intentions or a bad situation.

Most people think this applies to them. It can, but most people overestimate their empathy.

It is not as common as people think it is. Empathy is a key trait in one of the “clair” metaphysical senses called clairsentience. While everyone has some empathetic capacity, not everyone has the gift of being clairsentient. These people are the true definition of “empath”.

As an empath, you are the person everyone seeks for guidance. The one people are attracted to because your energy field is more opened than most.

You are seen as more socially and emotionally intelligent. Empaths are sponges of spiritual energies and can easily be weighed down or uplifted by them. It affects all daily tasks as they can feel certain energies which also dictate a lot of their decision making and emotions.

People will rush quick to the scene to crown the water signs as the winners, but how each zodiac sign handles empathy is much different than you’d expect. Some signs are mistaken as “empaths” but actually possess another psychic sense that isn’t the same as being an empath.

It is also important to check your Moon and Mars signs as they rule the more intuitive, emotional aspects of our personalities. For example, a Taurus sun with a Scorpio moon may have more empathy than their typical earth sign nature.

Which signs are the empaths then?

1. Libra (September 23rd-October 22nd)

An air sign? An empath? What the hell?

Libras aren’t given enough credit sometimes. They are more spiritually in tune than people expect. Their laziness and moodiness is often misconstrued as selfishness and flightiness. However, this is far from the truth.

Have you ever wondered why your Libra friends can only handle one night out a week? Why they are mistaken as the “social” zodiac yet will get ready for a whole night out just to say, “Eh…… l don’t feel like it anymore.”

They’re able to carry conversations all day long and are typically kind and generous, yet behind closed doors they wish you’d just shut the hell up and let them rest. They are also seen as “cliquey”, but really they just need a group who they know will balance the vibes they dish out.

As the scales, their empathetic nature understands they can’t always hold the scales at an even weight. Their energy is easily drained because other energies can cause them to get out of sync. Often called “wishy washy”, they recluse and come back after a rejuvenation period. This isn’t to say they’re anti-social because they actually aren’t.

They are also perceptive because they go on what the gut tells them; not what the mouth or books say. That is what distinguishes right and wrong for them, which is why they aren’t really conventional in practice. Likewise, they are also fighters of justice and what’s right.

Libras also sleep…. a lot. Until they feel like going out again to be social or fight for something they believe in just so they can repeat the process all over again.

Don’t blame them; blame their empathy. They were born with it.

2. Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd)

Any surprise the fiery Leo is one of the zodiac’s biggest empaths? For some, it may come as a surprise. An underdeveloped Leo who isn’t in control of their emotions have issues with self-centeredness. The challenge with Leonians is that they are natural empaths, but these traits aren’t prominent until they experience spiritual awakenings or are in tune with their social awareness.

As extroverts, absorbing other people’s energies comes naturally. Since Leonians are extroverts, they do thrive on other people’s energies. Leos need a positive environment and refuse to be somewhere with negative vibes. The more introverted Leo is an introvert for this exact reason— they are empaths and cannot handle fluctuating energies that are often present in social settings. This is especially true if this Leo’s moon sign is a water sign.

For them, it’s about how they handle their empathy that misleads people. Their empathetic nature is why they are often taken for granted. While Scorpio and Libra recluse, Leo finds themselves accommodating to these energies. Inventors of generosity, they sometimes feel they should compensate energies where other people lack.

Leos also have issues balancing who and who not to let into their lives. Even if Leos must learn the balance that often comes naturally for Libra, it’s still safe to say they are among the highest of empathetic signs.

3. Aquarius (January 20th-February 18th)

For Aquarians to be emotionally detached, they are highly spiritual as they develop more. It’s no wonder why Aquarians are the zodiac’s counselors, mentors, and humanitarians. As an air sign, they are logically driven and extremely intelligent.

It’s often we see this sign with the gift of claircognizance or the ability of “knowing” that involves downloads of information straight to the brain. Because more developed Aquarians have a strong claircognizance, they are also able to feel energies from people and things. However, empathy often comes natural to them and they are masters at reading other people.

Their empathy really kicks in whenever these thoughts have such a strong resonation that they literally can feel it around them. Likewise, mind and body are one. A concept Aquarians are well attuned with. Despite popular misconception, Aquarians are introverts with extrovert capabilities.

Like Libra, Aquarius will literally go MIA to get the break or rejuvenation they need. The only difference is Libra will tell you; Aquarius will literally avoid you like the plague. All to come back around like nothing happened.

They can sense confrontation a mile away, which is why they seem to have the best timing on when to flee a situation before it escalates. This “inconsideration” is what makes people think Aquarians lack empathy.

Aquarians are actually very empathetic— their logical, emotionally detached nature is just a challenge to how they express it. However, after Aquarius figures out what the hell is going on, they come back for confrontation and to settle conflicts.

Give Aquarians a break…. they’re trying, okay?

4. Scorpio (October 23rd-November 21st)

Scorpio is very similar to Libra when it comes to empathy— which is why it’s common to see the two become great friends. Scorpios typically have some other heightened metaphysical sense. That is why they were not placed in the top 3 because the others are mainly clairsentient by nature.

However, Scorpio’s strong intuition from their other senses strengthen their empathetic qualities. Clairvoyance— particularly vivid dreams and premonitions— are more common among Scorpios and water signs in general.

Scorpios avoid other energies at all costs and hide in their nests. They cling to their significant others, close friends, families, and those they love and care about. Also distrustful, Scorpios get skeptical of people and require closer distance to figure out someone’s energies. Their empathy is on hyper drive when it comes to loved ones.

As they absorb negative energies, they limit themselves to those they love to ensure they are getting the positive energy and love they need. Too much negativity can weigh down Scorpio and therefore create the negative archetype most people associate with the overall sign.

When it comes to social settings, they remain in a group and use the group’s energy to keep away from others. Hence why Scorpio is very observant by nature. Note the “mystery” people sense with them. However, more developed Scorpios can empathize with many things and are more loving than what meets the eye.

Scorpio empathy, however, is more selective, which is another big reason they are placed at #4. Libra and Leo literally can’t control their empathy and they physically feel the energy no matter who it is. If Scorpios truly don’t care about or like someone, then they’ve already shut themselves off from their energies.

5. Virgo (August 23rd-September 22nd)

An earth sign as an empath…. funny, right?

Yes, unless you’re talking about Virgo. Rulers of the gut, they have one that rings like a bell after an earthquake. Virgos are underestimated. Granted they are an earth sign with logical tendencies, they are compassionate and empathetic by nature.

Their anxiety-ridden personality has partly to do with their claircognizance downloading an overload of information that leads to overthinking. The other part is this feeling of anxiety taking a stronghold on them, which is their natural clairsentience kicking in.

The downside of Virgo, in this case, is them being unaware of certain feelings from their empathy. Likewise, their overthinking has a large part in why they dismiss their empathy because they base what is felt on logic. If it doesn’t make sense, then Virgo sometimes won’t listen.

Therefore, it leads to disappointment when they realize their gut was right. More developed Virgos can sense bullshit from a mile way and often listen to their gut. Virgos aren’t crazy; they just have a lot of empathy confusing them and therefore causing anxiety.

6. Cancer (June 21st-July 22nd) tied with Pisces (February 19th-March 20th)

People expect Cancer and Pisces to be at the top of this list. Granted both water signs are highly spiritual, “empath” is not the accurate term to describe them. Even if they have the ability to empathize about certain things and are emotionally driven, they are not the top empaths of the zodiac.

For more developed Cancerians and Pisceans, they are highly spiritual and have a good distribution of each “Clair” sense— to include clairsentience. However, it is not their dominant spiritual gift. Random thoughts prompting to take certain action, premonitions, hearing sounds and voices, and vivid dreams are typically how Cancerian and Piscean intuition works.

One thing that limits Cancerians and Pisceans from strong empathy is their own emotional capacities. Their ability to have perspective on other people’s thoughts and emotions do not make them empaths. They have a spot on intuition, but they won’t always feel it in the gut or ring all over.

7. Taurus (April 20th-May 20th)

Just because Taurus is low on the list does not mean that they lack empathy or are not spiritual. As a matter of fact, weird dare-to-be-different Taurus is highly spiritual. The most common metaphysical sense of this sign is clairaudience. As rulers of the neck and ears, it’s common to hear sound drown out and emphasize other sounds. On a more obvious level, it’s possible Taureans hear unexplainable voices or noises.

As this sign is often artsy and visual, they are commonly clairvoyant. While many people don’t see premonitions, spiritual entities, or have vivid dreams, people born under Taurus may.

Taurus can be empathetic, but by nature they are not. Even though Taurus is often emotionally detached, those with a water or fire moon sign may have more clairsentient qualities.

8. Sagittarius (November 22nd-December 21st) tied with Gemini (May 21st-June 20th)

Yes, Sagittarius and Gemini are ranked low for a reason. A less built emotional capacity tunes them out to the energies surrounding them. However, this doesn’t mean neither have any empathetic abilities or that they aren’t spiritual. That is far from the truth.

Both get a bad rep for their emotional aloofness. While they are more logically driven, this means they are strong claircognizants who receive spiritual information through their brains. Both initially have thoughts running ramped through their mind; therefore, they have an issue with distinguishing their claircognizance and can often overlook their intuition.

However, that doesn’t mean that it is non-existent or that they lack emotion. That’s why both come off as un-self-aware.

Once both of them realize their abilities, it’s often you find them in tune with their mind which therefore opens them to energies around them. As Sag and Gemini develop more, so does their empathy and emotions.

9. Aries (March 20th-April 19th)

As a fire sign, Aries is undoubtedly intuitive. However, they are not empaths by nature.

Ruler of the head and brain, Aries is more susceptible to energies that are processed through the mind. However, where their spiritual information comes from is most commonly a duo of claircognizance and clairvoyance. Vivid dreams and premonitions are common, yet with Aries it seems that these are reinforced by sudden downloads of information that seems unmistakable. In most cases, it is.

This dynamic is a strong intuitive power. More developed Aries do refine their empathetic qualities. However, they are not as absorbent to other’s emotional energies or other energies surrounding them. Therefore, it’s difficult to call them an empath.

10. Capricorn (December 22nd-January 19th)

Oh, Capricorn is last? Gee, do tell…?

The “tough lovers” of the zodiac are unsurprisingly last on this list because their emotions are as deep as their ruling body part, the bones. By nature, empathetic and emotional abilities don’t come easily to Capricorn.

Because Capricorns are more about physicality, one explanation is that they often dictate their spirituality on conventional religious practices. They get accustomed to this or what they know which therefore causes energy blockages. If they have a more developed metaphysical sense, it is claircognizance.

Any wonder why they are known as the “know-it-all”? Well, they tend to have random downloads of information that they often take and run with. However, their logical nature often dismisses this ability and mistakes it as cluttered thought.

Capricorns are more spiritual than given credit for. It’s simply that they restrict themselves to their spiritual abilities due to their need for physical evidence or natural tendency to shove emotions far aside. On the other hand, a more developed Capricorn learns vulnerability which allows their empathy and emotions to open up.

Regarding empathy, Capricorns are late bloomers. If they have water as their moon, however, they are more likely to grow empathetic with time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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