This Is Why You Need To Be Vulnerable In Order To Heal

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When we’re born into this world, our souls are encapsulated into our physical beings. What we see on the outside—our smiles, skin color, hair texture, physical wounds, etc.— are the components of our outer shell holding together something much more powerful.

Our soul is more than our higher selves existing in a higher stream of consciousness. It is a living entity fueling our actions, desires, and emotions. Much like our physical bodies, your spirit is also susceptible to illness. What allows our body’s capsule to be broken down piece by piece to unleash our soul’s full potential and allow ourselves to self-heal?


Vulnerability can be excruciating and exhausting. It is the medicine no one wants to take because of how it makes you feel. It is not a one-time fix that solves everything. Vulnerability is a prescription for our soul’s healing that we must take regularly. 

Vulnerability exposes us to the unfamiliar and confusing. We’re confronted with our own truths. It all becomes nauseating, overwhelming, and gut-wrenching. It becomes a pill that is too hard to swallow. Then we sit this prescription on the shelf to avoid the dreaded side effect…. letting it go past its expiration date.

If we’re not exposed to something potent enough to dissolve our exterior shell, then how do we expect ourselves to reap the healing properties it can provide?

When a certain disease goes untreated after so long, it can develop into something much worse down the road, even if the symptoms aren’t present. In a similar sense, disallowing ourselves to be vulnerable places self-limitations on our soul’s healing and doesn’t allow us to heal when we need to.

Sometimes we misconceive “natural healing” to be no action or effort. We put a lot of faith in the universe and God to heal us. We walk away from the issue with a misleading notion of faith. Bad news—that’s not how it works. The universe and God’s love works on a premise of give-and-take. There is an exchange of energy taking place with every prayer we release.

Remember basic physics— energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be exchanged. Don’t let the term “self-healing” mislead you. It’s difficult to heal on your own. There is stronger energy released through action and exposure. Sharing and opening our energy with others, God, and the universe makes the experience more enriching than painful.

Vulnerability is also the willingness to stand in the face of our truths. It’s stripping the ego of all toxicity and negative thinking. To remove ourselves from the environment we grew sick in, to begin with. It’s knowing that pain and struggle are inevitably a side effect, yet having this earnest desire to heal and let go of what no longer serves us. Our truth is a vaccine fighting off our soul’s illness for the long haul.

See your truth. Know your truth. Speak your truth. Live your truth. Be your truth. But you cannot do this without letting vulnerability break you down first and diagnose where your spirit fell sick.

We’re all human. We’re all spiritual beings. We’re meant to care and feel. It’s okay to suffer and hurt. Your suffering is not your fate. And it’s sure as hell not a solo experience. We are one with God and each other. You are not alone. Open yourself up.

Healing through vulnerability isn’t a painless process, but it’s something even better— it is a supplement to your soul’s immunity and growth. Remember your emotional scars have so much beauty in your spiritual makeup. I know, God and the universe have a very weird way of showing it. Trust the progress you are making, my friend. TC mark

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