20 Things Everyone Deserves In Life

1. You deserve to prioritize your needs and put yourself first.

2. You deserve to walk away from people and relationships that no longer serve or benefit you.

3. You deserve to know what it’s like to love and be loved.

4. You deserve the right to remain kind in a world that’s cruel and toxic.

5. You deserve to remain resilient despite your vulnerabilities.

6. You deserve a relationship that is built upon the foundation of communication, honesty, reassurance, and trust.

7. You deserve to openly express your feelings and state your needs without the fear of being prematurely judged.

8. You deserve a friendship that is nourished through time and strengthened by experience.

9. You deserve to have days where you openly admit to yourself that you are not feeling okay.

10. You deserve to have someone that fears the thought of losing someone as valuable and precious as you.

11. You deserve to live unapologetically and with minimal regrets.

12. You deserve to have the opportunity to correct your mistakes when you’re in the wrong.

13. You deserve to be supported by a group of individuals who want to see you flourish and succeed.

14. You deserve the opportunity to be able to attain the goals you so eagerly set out for yourself.

15. You deserve the ability to constantly nurture your dreams, no matter how big they may seem.

16. You deserve to have faith in situations where all hope seems to be lost.

17. You deserve to appreciate the beauty of others without diminishing your own.

18. You deserve good morning texts, midday surprises, and late night phone calls.

19. You deserve to take a step back and just appreciate everything for what it’s worth.

20. You deserve a purpose that constantly excites, replenishes, and challenges you.

About the author

Nikki Custodio

Just a 23 year old that loves napping, kdramas , & ice cream.