The Power Of Stating Your Intentions

No, I’m not talking about the popular Justin Bieber song that has been on repeat for the past few weeks. I’m talking about one’s intentions. What exactly are intentions? A word so simple yet many still have it confused and are unable to decipher what it truly means.

“Be genuine with your intentions,” a phrase that I constantly advise others and something I earnestly try to live by. We live in a world that is somewhat cruel, one where toxic relationships and broken promises seem to be the new norm. Why is that? Why do we tolerate individuals and situations that only bring us pain, that only make us hurt. Why is something as simple as telling someone what we truly want out of them so painfully difficult to do. We shouldn’t feel the need to sacrifice our standards and expectations just because someone is unable and unwilling to live up to what we uphold because the truth is, you have worked so hard to settle for less than what you truly deserve. Don’t let someone manipulate you into thinking that you have to settle to be happy, you don’t. I’d rather be happy alone than compromise my standards to be with someone who won’t even put in half the effort I do. They say every successful relationship needs trust and communication, but what some people fail to include is the ability to be honest about your intentions, whatever they may be. Sometimes all we truly need is someone who is willing to be straight up with us, someone who is not afraid of telling us how they truly feel. You are worth it. Sure nobody owes you anything, but you are worthy enough to have someone tell you that they are important to you, that you are someone they are deeply afraid to lose.

Not everyone who knocks on your door has the intention of entering. Sometimes they are just there to drop off a package, maybe they got lost on their way and are in need of direction, or perhaps they are simply knocking for the purpose of seeing who will answer the door.

Not everyone who knocks on your door has the intention of entering.

Just like not everyone who says “I want to be with you,” truly means it. Sure, love is powerful and important, but have you ever asked someone why they intend to get into a committed relationship with you, how they intend to take care of you, and how long they intend to love you? At the end of the day one’s true intentions will surface and whether they are pure, whether they are true, that is something only you can figure out.

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