Millennials Don’t Want Monotony (And That’s Perfectly Okay)


I hated the relentless sound of my alarm in the morning. I hated the way the sun hit me right in my face, and the light broke the darkness behind my eyelids; the ache to savor the illusion of the night was crucial. My eyelids were crushed together mercilessly toward the luminance. At this point, I felt like crying. I moved a leg…hated the way the mattress below me suddenly felt surreal and so comforting…the best place to be. A few seconds passed…I waited.

Is today Monday? Sociology paper due at 10…have to go talk to my advisor about changing my major…I hope I can get a career with that…wait…have to join this club…no money in the bank…refrigerator’s empty…rent due in a week…I wonder what I got on that test a a few days ago…that shit was not easy….

Inertia became intolerable. So I opened my eyes.

The fundamentals of living the life of the gifted – THE MILLENNIALS – is looked upon by outsiders as inequitable. We are cry-babies, we are lazy, we are dreamers. Now would be the time for us, the millennials, to sip our tea. You sound mad, bro.

The Information Age has not only evolved the way we communicate and live, but it has also evolved the way we think – we are the progression of mankind as a whole; we contemplate subjects that our parents sometimes have no understanding of. The dysfunction of millennialism occurs in such a way that we feel as though we are not entitled to work for the things we want – why?

Ancestors have displayed hard work as a necessity to make an honest living whether it was mopping floors in school buildings or being CEO of a corporate office. Low and behold, things are different now from back then. And guess what Generation X? We know. If we have to hear another pretentious, proud comment that begins with “When I was your age…” we might condemn you to hell. Thank you, Caption Obvious. Sorry ma and pop, I’m not going to fall in love at the age of fifteen with a guy, go to college, have his children a few years after and work a mediocre nine-to-five job. Sorry ma and pop, but no, I don’t want to work my life away with a constant, worrisome endeavor to put food on my child’s plate.

I don’t want monotony, I’m sorry.

For some reason, the ones we love most sometimes have an issue grasping our dreams. Our dreams. It is in such that as millennials, we feel as though we are entitled to greatness, wealth, and heart. It’s the simple fact we are embracing our differences, more so, we are developing them. The world is too big to remember small people.

It’s imbedded in us that being different is the best thing you can be…However, being different is a tumultuous controversy, because this term ‘different’ is now resulting to completely new styles of living. Our goals are evolving; College is just systematic…some of us don’t have the prowess to break free from the ‘safe-haven’ of incarceration. We are at constant battle with our heads and hearts, and are trying to make it to the top in our own way. We do not have it in us to live our lives insipidly, repetitively, or perfunctorily; we are truly, and utterly different.

I loved the still silence of the morning. I loved how the sun greeted me by caressing my skin. The coolness of the pillows comforted me, and the lightness of the mattress massaged me. I smelled bacon.

Is today Monday? It is.

Inertia became intolerable. So I opened my eyes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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