Maybe One Day We’ll Remember To Be Kind

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Maybe we’ve forgotten what it feels like to be soft. To have a tender heart that looks outside of itself and truly feels the happiness and pain of another living thing.

Maybe we’ve forgotten that the mysteries of our existence can be unraveled and enjoyed in tandem with other beating hearts. To explore the depths of our joys and tragedies with the warm presence of others by the side. Maybe we’ve forgotten that the lingering emptiness in our souls can only be deeply filled by the power of human connection. After all, to empathize with an experience that someone else is having in this universe is the most magically transformative feeling.

When we admire, laud or speak highly of another, why do we say, ‘Look at this person, they’re so good-looking or smart or funny or popular? Why don’t we admire the resilient heart that has the courage to be kind in a cruel world? Why don’t we celebrate someone who really understands the value of compassion and consideration?

As humans, we are inherently good.

We are made up tides of salt water that ebb and flow with raw emotions, and gold mines of pure goodness buried within our hearts. Our capacity to love and be loved is resilient like the towering mountains and deep like the vast ocean. Perhaps, somewhere along the way, we faltered. We forgot that the greatest joy is not singular but collective. We forgot that lasting happiness is shared.

Maybe one day, we’ll dig deep into the history of the foundations built by our ancestors, and realize that we have evolved to current heights, because of kindness and co-operation. We have progressed because of collaboration and societal harmony. The well-being of others is innately tied with that of our own. The stories of our lives are all densely interlinked like the threads of a rich tapestry interweaving a celebration of humanity.

It’s strange how people feel isolated and misunderstood in a planet of billions. The raw emotions that shake and deeply move you, resonate inside the bones of others too. The past memories that awaken you in the middle of the night, haunt someone else too. Your soul that seeks the pursuit of knowledge, drives the thirst for truth and personal growth in another too. You are not alone, you never alone. All you have to do is reach out, communicate, empathize, and you will find somebody similar.

Let us open our minds and let them be broadened by the expansive horizons of another’s thoughts. Let us open our hearts and let them be touched by the depth of another’s feelings. Your emotional intelligence is your most valuable talent, but it can only be cultivated by being kind. You don’t have to learn to be kind, you only have to remember what is innately natural to you. You don’t have to find it in you to compassionate, you only have to discover what you were capable of all along.

You must remember, you must.

You must remember that narcissism breeds ego. It fosters greed, selfishness, jealousy, and cruel intentions. It strengthens the primitive part of your brain and forces you to think of your own survival as something that is independent of that of others. It drags and degenerates you back to your unevolved self which is concerned with nothing besides the instant gratification of its own needs.

Please be kind to yourself and others. Kindness can be simple, quiet, and still, have a huge impact. It can be words of encouragement on a rough day. It can be a helping hand during a lonely struggle. A willing ear that listens when the road is weary. A smile to remind another that they should keep on going no matter what.

Maybe, one day, we’ll have hearts so full that will only grow bigger the more they give. Maybe, one day, we’ll remember to be kind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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