I Hope You Feel Deeply Inspired At Least Once In Your Life

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At least once in your life, I hope that true inspiration finds you, even if it is for a moment in time. I hope that you really truly feel what it means to be uncontrollably besotted and completely consumed by something.

Trust me, when I say that inspiration found is the most magical feeling in the world.

I hope you take the time to look up at the bright lights dotting the night sky and feel overawed by the magnitude of years it took for the light to reach you. I hope you look, really look at the spectrum of colors that melt into the sunset and sunrise, and marvel at their brightness and contrast.

I hope you think of the cosmos and realize that you are made up of the very same material as stardust. At a granular level, the atomic nature of your being is connected with an ancient history rich with stories of great galaxies. You are interlinked with a complex network of every single living thing in your environment. You are a fantastic creation that lives and breathes and thinks and feels so very deeply. I hope you never forget that.

I hope that you feel inspired enough to fall in love. To fall in love with broad philosophies of intangible concepts that engulf you with their vastness. To fall in love with entire worlds created by written words and moving images that stretch the threshold of your imagination. To fall in love with your weaknesses and flaws, so that you can celebrate the human experience you are having on this planet. To fall in love with the joys but also the tragedies of your life, so that you can unapologetically and cheerfully embrace your fate.

I hope you witness someone do something incredible. It could be the persistence and resilience with which they face adversity, the unconditional love with which they raise their children, their immense passion which spreads like wildlife and inspires others, the care with which they chisel the details of their creation, the foundation of stubborn joy upon which they build their life. It could be anything, anything at all which catches your eye, moves your heart, touches the depths of your soul, and awakens you.

I hope that you deeply get to know and love a real person to truly empathize with their pain and pleasure. I hope that you watch someone perform an act motivated by pure altruism, and that it reinstates your faith in the purity of human connection. I hope that you experience great happiness but I also hope that you experience sorrow and anger, so that you can master the art of transforming them into compassion and kindness.

I hope that you get lost in a maze of everything that has ever happened to you, and eventually find your own way, carve out your own reason, create your own meaning.

At the end of the day, I hope that true inspiration finds you and I hope that you feel inspired by your life, because what else is it really worth living for? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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