To Be Truly Happy In Life You Must Believe In Something Greater Than Yourself

Andressa Voltolini

If you don’t believe in God, then believe in magic. If you don’t believe in magic, then believe in miracles. If you don’t believe in miracles, then believe in love. If you don’t believe in love, then believe in art. If you don’t believe in art, then believe in humanity. Believe in kindness, compassion, faith, and courage. Just believe in something, but promise me that you’ll believe.

If you don’t care about anything, if you start to stop caring, you will fall into all the dark places of the world that you don’t really want to live in. To be truly successful in life, you must believe in something greater than yourself. You must care about something other than yourself. You must be passionate about something that you can unconditionally love. This may sound counterintuitive to you, but the happiest people are the ones who are adding value to the world, who are building upon the good things in life, the important things that really matter. The most peaceful people in the world are the ones who are quick to forgive others, and brave enough to apologize for their own mistakes. The most joyful people in the world live with lesser regret, anger, shame or guilt, because they work towards the values of integrity, empathy, and authenticity.

The most narcissistic people in the world are consumed with the immediate gratification of their own desires. The most jealous people tear others down to make themselves feel better. The most insecure people need to always be the center of attention. The most superficial people need to be perfect and feel good all the time. The most self-absorbed people use others for their own entertainment and pleasure. The weakest people climb on the shoulders of their friends or family, and those more vulnerable to them. The most evil people use domination, abuse, and manipulation to get their own way and win at any cost. The unhappiest people in the world are the ones who have sold their soul to their ego.

Such selfish people might be superficially charming and successful, they might appear to have it all together because that’s what they do best. Their biggest talent is that they are good at faking it and fooling people. They are great at selling their false selves to meet their own needs. Their social masks may portray that they’re winning in life, but they’re losing something far more precious than material success and social status. They’re losing their humanity inside, and deep down, they know that they are empty. They’re chasing happiness outside, and that’s why they can never find it. They live in self-denial because they are so lost in their own lies and deceit, that they even fool themselves. People like that do not believe in anything, because they have given up on the good in themselves.

Let them win their little ego battles, while you focus on winning your own war.

We all have to die one day, we’ll all be reduced to dust, and the only thing that will be left behind is our legacy of how well we treated people when we had the chance to be good. The only thing that will matter in the end is whether we used our pain to give back to the world or simply take from it. The only thing that will leave us fulfilled will be whether we tried to be the best possible versions of ourselves.

You will be truly happy when you have a strong sense of self-worth, which comes from a strong foundation of values that you commit to working towards every single day. You will be truly happy when you learn to love and accept yourself, and believe in your own potential. You will be truly, deeply, internally happy when you use your talents and resources to contribute to the world. Even if it is in small and simple acts of kindness and courage to the people closest to you, or the world at large, believe in everything you do and make it matter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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