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This Is Why You Should Love A Sensitive Person

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Timothy Paul Smith

You will find the best kind of friendship and love with a sensitive person. It’s the way they show their genuine vulnerability in a world that is so afraid of their feelings. It’s the pride with which they speak their honest truth, even if others may not necessarily agree. It’s the quiet resilience with which they withstand the worst storms, and the courage with which they remain patient and persevere.

You will never have to wear a mask, and pretend you’re somebody else with an authentic person.
They don’t care about superficial things like what you wear, how you look or how much money you make. They care about your heart, the life it has experienced, and the stories it has to tell. They appreciate how you have grown from adversity into a better person. They value how much compassion and courage you have to offer the world.

You will never be betrayed, cheated or intentionally hurt by a compassionate person. They understand how fragile the human heart can be, and they also know the strength that it is capable of. These are the kinds of people who have often seen the worst of human nature, and they still remain kind, they still shine. They won’t let you down and will never give up on you, because they believe in integrity and loyalty.

You will discover your real self with a true person. Sensitive people are old souls who have often experienced immense pain, loss and betrayal in their lives, which helps them get in touch with their own humanity. They are very perceptive, and are sensitive to the undercurrents of emotional exchanges in their environment. They will show you everything that is holding you back from your own potential, and touch your soul in ways no one has before.

You will never have to hide your scars with a brave person. They will be patient and tolerant listeners, because they don’t jump to conclusions and judge people. They are aware of the complexities of human nature, because they have experienced the depths of their own mind and emotions. They will love you for how you have overcome your scars, because that’s what makes you unique. They understand that everyone is valuable, because we are all deeply interconnected in infinite ways.

You will believe in the power of unconditional love with a soft person.
They will remind you what it is like to be soft again, before you were jaded and hardened by a fearful world. They will restore your belief in the values of empathy and kindness in a world that rewards egotism and shallow self-interest. They are changing and evolving constantly, and will transform you into your highest self by growing together with you. They will renew your faith in the wondrous magic of unconditional love, and help you believe in its incredible healing and regenerative power. TC mark

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