Miracles Happen All The Time, But You’re Too Busy Being Miserable To Notice

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Good things happen all the time. There is humanity, honor, kindness, and courage if you look hard enough. There is always a way out of a dark, desperate and hopeless place. There are connections and patterns to the chaotic and unpredictable mess that we call life. There is always a helping hand waiting for you to take it.

The reason you are unhappy with your life is because you are running away from the opportunities that can make it better. The reason you are frustrated is because you are comparing everyone’s highlight reel with your worst possible. The reason you are anxious is because you are on a ticking timeline to superficial success, rather than becoming your best possible version. The reason you are stuck is because you want immediate gratification without the effort. The reason you haven’t found love yet, is because you don’t give people who are outside of your ideal checklist a winning shot. The reason you haven’t found your purpose is because you keep sabotaging the attempts to bring you closer to it. Everyone’s journey is different, and sometimes things take time. Healing from traumatic events takes time, forgiving others takes time, learning from your own mistakes takes time, and everything takes work. That doesn’t mean that you’ll never get anywhere, as long as you keep on walking.

You need to get over your past, and you need to get out of your own way.

The most miserable people in the world have a ready list of excuses for all the reasons why they are living the pathetic and passive lives they are today.

They blame their parents, their past circumstances, the high-school bully, their abusive boss, their massive heartbreak, their pet that died, that one little thing that happened once, anything really, because it gives them an excuse to avoid taking responsibility. They’re too self-absorbed to realize that everyone has problems. The most narcissistic people have a million justifications and rationalizations for why they treat people badly, why they use others for their own gain to avoid facing their true selves and dark sides. They’re too entitled to realize that everyone is equally valuable, and they are not special in any way.

Please take responsibility for your life, your behaviors, and your actions. Please take charge of your mind, emotions, and body.

The smartest people wait patiently, persist on improving themselves, and catch the opportunities that come their way. The happiest people turn a tragedy into a miracle, pain into passion, a failure into a success, an obstacle into an opportunity, a negative into a positive. The kindest and bravest people don’t succumb to their ego or their pain and insecurities. They don’t inflict their damage onto other people.

The biggest flaw in human nature is that it doesn’t appreciate what it has, and it always wants what it can’t have. The only reason we can’t avail of the miracles awaiting us is because we don’t want to work hard to get there. The funny thing is that we will only value what we have, when we have earned it. The moment something becomes too available, we begin to take it for granted. If good things come to us too easily, it inflates our ego to the point where we think that we are entitled to miracles. This entitlement is what makes people unhappy, miserable or mean-hearted, and it is a vicious cycle that never stops.

Accept what you can’t control, take accountability for your past mistakes, build a strong foundation of values, own your shortcomings, forgive those who have wronged you, work towards something greater than yourself, believe in your potential, strive towards contributing to the world, try to make yourself a better person, take small steps but do something, and earn your blessings.

Your miracles are out there waiting for you to catch them like stars falling from the sky. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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