Surrender Your Control To Allow Yourself To Become Who You Really Are

Jenna Beekhuis
Jenna Beekhuis

It’s strange how we think that we can find ourselves. As if the essence of our beings could fit into words of familiar languages. As if it could belong to an identifiable and perceivable color. As if it could be sung into a song of audible syllables. The truth is that we are as vast as our untapped potential, as big as the sun and stars, and as wild as the universal spirit of life.

Our true nature is not something that can be tamed, it can only be understood. Maybe our journey is not about finding ourselves. Maybe our journey is about allowing, and remembering who we really are.

We have forgotten that our greatest strength is our intuition, emotional intelligence, empathy and imagination. We have forgotten that our greatest happiness lies in love, community, wellness and purpose. We may have mastered different dialects, but have forgotten the language of soul talk.

Our subconscious hides our deepest fears and needs, and also connects us to the source of our creative potential. Our ego does not like the unfamiliar and uncertain terrain of the subconscious. It clings to a rigid sense of identity fixed in external validation and approval. Our ego is the only way we know how to make sense of the madness of our unpredictably fascinating universe. The magic of the unknown is tantalizing and tempting, but it also threatens the core of our comfort zones. It pushes our boundaries, and forces the ego to confront its fear of dissolution and death.

The more you become aware of yourself, the more you will transform into who you really are, rather than changing into who you are not.

When we are honest with ourselves, we stop creating new roles for the ego to play, and simply start watching. Awareness brings to light all the pain, darkness, and the uncomfortable parts of ourselves that we have denied and suppressed. When we develop deeper intimacy with other people and places, we are actually simply connecting to universal unconscious parts of ourselves. When we understand who are really are and where we come from, we can learn to love it. Loving something unconditionally allows it to heal, and aspire towards its highest self or best possible version.

Everything we assume about our future comes from our past experience. We are limiting ourselves by the subjectivity of the human mind, and are unable to give exciting possibilities a chance. Rather than living our life according to past expectations, we should be open to new experiences that reveal ourselves to us. We can get in touch with true selves, if we stop rejecting ourselves, and stop resisting the natural flow of life. We must let go of preconceived notions of how things should be. This does not mean that we should be passive. This simply means that we should let go of our need to control.

Self-transcendence is not about possession but about freedom. It is not about perfection, but about authenticity. It is not about controlling the outcome, but about letting go and surprising yourself. The only way you can truly astound yourself is if you are open to new thinking, a new way of life, and a new awareness.

We need to stop finding ourselves, and start discovering ourselves. We need to stop trying to change, and start transforming. We need to stop doing, and start being. We need to stop, and simply need to learn to listen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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