The People For Me Are The Ones That Burn

Unsplash, Joshua Earle
Unsplash, Joshua Earle

The people for me are the ones that are caught on everlasting, all-encompassing wildfire. They might be flickering candles struggling to stay alive, or massive beacons of energy like the sun and stars, but they are not afraid to burn. They take risks with infinite intensity and heart-throbbing passion. They create and burn, burn and create, for the joy of the journey rather than for fame, money and power.

The people for me have the courage to listen to their own soul song, rather than the cacophonic chaos of societal approval, herd mentality and cultural conditioning. They are bold and rebellious enough to have self-belief and self-respect in a society that convinces us that we are never good enough.

The people for me show me how the power of compassion beats the brute force of cruelty, how the strength of love trumps anger and hate. They are the ones whose hearts grow bigger with disaster and adversity, rather than smaller. They have mastered the fine art of transforming pain into creativity, rather than inflicting it onto, and damaging someone else.

The people for me belong to the wild tribe that loves with crazy abandon. They are the ones mad enough to fall in love with life, nature, with themselves and their dreams. They have committed to embrace the duality of light and dark, of pain and passion, and immerse in the totality of human experience on earth.

The people for me are the heart-pulsing, excitement-inducing adrenaline junkies that rebel against our society’s insurance company culture. They thrive in both chaos and calm, change is in their nature. They adapt to their surroundings, face failures, and risk rejection for the greater good. They are not scared to lose themselves to the flow of something bigger, better and more beautiful.

The people for me breathe air like freedom. They have taken the time to be alone in the dense maze of confusion and utter loneliness. They have jumped into the deep end of the ocean to find themselves, and what they have to offer to the world. They have navigated the supremely uncomfortable and darkly chaotic path to understand what freedom really means.

The people for me don’t take advantage of the weak. They use their position of power, mental and physical strength to uplift, rather than serve their own ego. They don’t point fingers at external circumstances as the reason for the self-serving, narcissists that they have become. They recognize and accept their dark sides, and don’t let their worst natures win.

The people for me are the rare breed that is neither man nor beast. They have wings of fire and scales of sapphire, but also beating hearts, and blood in their veins. They have the courage of a beast, but not its rage. They have compassion of a human, but not its cruelty. They are free in spirit, but tamed by love.

The people for me are a part of the galaxy of stars that reminds me that we all came from cosmic chaos, that we are all interconnected through a silver lining of consciousness, and that we have the infinite potential to spread our light and burn bright.

The people for me are ones that cannot bear a life that does not honor the wild and unpredictable spirit of their true natures. The people for me are the ones for me, because they cannot be anything but heart-wrenchingly, soul-crushingly themselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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