Here’s How To Discover What Gives You Deeper Meaning And Fulfillment

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The term ‘living your passion’ was unheard of in the 90s. It is a relatively new phenomenon, this attitude that suggests that if you are not living your dream reality then you must be living a failure. Setting the bar up high with unrealistic expectations, the parents of today’s generation encouraged their children to believe in following their dreams.

Equipped with a sense of entitlement, and a feeling of being ‘special’, millennials have underestimated the power of dedication and hard work. Unfortunately, the attitudes towards liberated sex cannot be adopted incase of a professional life, and though ‘YOLO’ you cannot avoid responsibility forever. It is absolutely crucial to be well grounded in terms of balancing a certain arrogance of youth, and doing what your heart tells you to do. That being said, too many people have followed money, fame and power, and found that it didn’t make them happy at all. If the herd moves in one direction, it creates a lot of opportunities for divergent thinkers. In recent times it is possible to make money in unimaginable ways using your unique sets of skills, experience and talent.

The inflow of cash in a non-fulfilling job feels good with the first few shiny new paychecks, but then the human part of us begins to wonder whether we are turning into machines. It begins to seek deeper meaning, an emotional and spiritual connection that materialism alone isn’t able to satisfy. This feeling of dissatisfaction is your soul speaking to you, the universe calling out to you to discover your life purpose, and work towards your full potential. Please don’t ignore it.

If you don’t know what you are passionate about, then ask yourself what would you do with your time if no one paid you for it. Without money as the motivation you will do things that you are curious about. Follow your curiosity, and fall in love with storytelling such that you are unafraid of trying anything for the sake of a new adventure. This sense of exploration will lead to the discovery of what makes you happy.

You can be passionate about anything; children, figure skating, improvised comedy, trees, kinky sex, microfinance in developing countries, Eastern philosophy or anything at all. What pushes a hobby into a passion is the difference between consuming and creating. What pushes a passion into purpose is persistence and patience. Once you find something you like, take a small step and try to do it yourself.

Learn about the possible solutions to aid the Syrian crisis. Get to know your father and what his childhood was like. Read about the emotional intelligence of dolphins. Grow a plant from its seed until it flowers through the seasons. Write funny one line memes to discover your sense of humor.

The amazing thing about the universe is that it wants you to discover what sets you free, and so it will drop breadcrumbs through signs, symbols and synchronicities that show you are travelling down the right path. Your purpose may change and meander into something different as you delve deeper into the ocean, the important thing to remember is to go with the current.

When discovering your dream, please do differentiate between naiveté and idealism. Make sure that it is not an unrealistic fantasy based on superficial characteristics. For example: Becoming an actress because the glamour, fame and money of the industry attract you, rather than because you want to become proficient in exploring and personifying a broad range of personalities and emotions. Your dream is not your real passion if the main end goal is an award or materialistic gain. Your dream is real if it is about dedication to excellence of the craft.

If you do succeed, I can’t promise that it will be the answer to everlasting happiness. Superficial happiness has become a competitive obsession through the bombardment of social media and advertising. Your goal should not be to have an explosively ecstatic life, but rather a more conscious, creative, interesting and authentic one.

In order to succeed, you will need to be positive. It is important to point out that being positive does not mean seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses. Too often people try hard to resist undesirable emotions, and feeling guilty for not being happy enough. Positivity is not a state of desperate delusion but that of faith in hope and humanity.

Finding deeper meaning will allow you to truly experience unconditional love when you work towards something with no expectations. When one has accumulated considerable wealth or knowledge, they can use it for good purposes. When one has cultivated self-love, they can give love. When one has internal strength, he or she can give hope to others. When people have worked hard and have something to give back to the world, they are capable of incredible compassion and empathy towards themselves and others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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