Always Wait For Someone Whose Love Feels Exactly Like This

Always Wait For Someone Whose Love Feels Exactly Like This
Anita Peeples

Wait for the person who feels home. Someone who’s see your worth in times when no one else would. Wait for a good soul, not a good face.

Sure, opposites attract, but more so in a virtual world. In reality, wait for someone whose values, thoughts, and habits align with yours; alike you.

Wait for someone with whom silence is not awkward; and still when you talk, you forget what time looks like. Someone with whom 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. passes like minutes.

Wait for someone who may not like all your habits, but none-the-less understands that it’s these things that make you, you.

Wait for someone who kisses your forehead first, before your lips. Someone who is as quirky and kinky as you, not afraid and ashamed of your needs and wants.

Wait for someone who’ll treasure you dearly in their heart. Someone who’ll not wait too long to respond to your messages and calls, but will still give you space and understand your individual needs. Because they will always find a way to have a conversation with you, no matter how busy they are.

Wait for someone who’ll light you up on the inside. Someone who might not leave you breathless every time you look at them, but rather will make you feel at peace and happy.

Wait for someone who’s willing to offer more than a piece of themselves. Wait for someone who gives all of them, their time, their life.

Wait for someone who’ll not think twice to hold your hand in public. Someone who’ll proudly introduce you to their friends and family.

Wait for someone who’ll want to go steady with you, whose interest won’t fade away in time. Someone who won’t promise you the world, but rather, make you a part of theirs.

Wait for someone who is mature and understanding, but also crazy and playful just like you.

Wait for The One, the person who shows you why it never worked out with anyone else before.

Don’t wait for The Right One, but the one right for you. Someone for whom you won’t fall hard all at once, but gradually and slowly. Someone who’ll listen and support you. Who’ll come and claim you with no ounce of doubts in their heads.

Wait for someone with whom you’re a team, a home.

Don’t settle, don’t rush. The world is already full of struggles. Love shouldn’t be one of them. The only constant, besides you, in ups and downs.

This is the person you’ll fall in love with. And it will be worth all the doubts, challenges, and failures. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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