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How I Turned my Conflicted Personality into My Superpower

So if you have a personality as confusing as I find my own, please please try and harness the good from it. Try your very best not to fight any aspect of yourself and find a way to make both contradictory aspects work for you. You are human and humans are supposed to be confusing.

Do Not Hide From Who You Have Become After You Survive

You are still beautiful, even if you feel broken. These parts of you that are broken deserve to be preserved in lacquered gold because your experiences simply add to your journey. So treasure them. Treasure everything that you have become and what you have left behind.

Why I Chose My Best Friend Over You

Not once when I have called her crying has she never had time for me. Not once has she ever let me down when I needed her. So when you told me you didn’t like her because she was too much independence and wildness for you to fathom, when you told me I had to choose between you and her, I chose her so easily, I barely skipped a beat. 

Other People’s Opinions Do Not Matter, It Is Only Yours That Counts

When you face terrible people, whether it is in school, or in university, or at work, I want you to remind yourself that you are worth more, and you are not to be tarnished by their iron like assessment of your golden heart. You are not to allow them to touch your angel made soul. You cannot, under any circumstances, allow them to damage everything that makes you good, and kind, and most importantly you.

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