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The Problem With Being This Kind of Low Maintenance

If he loves you, he will not be okay with you not being okay. If he is a decent human being, he will want to know about his selfish behaviour and how it affects you. If he is kind, he will not be able to see you being sad over something he has done wrong. You are doing both yourself and him an injustice by not trusting him with your true feelings in lieu of being low maintenance.

You Are Hidden Beauty Waiting To Be Discovered

Find yourself. Find yourself in books and stories and TV shows and movies and the night sky and the forest and the walks in the rain and everything else that makes you feel beautiful, even if it is for a moment, for a second, for a day. Then find the people who never let you forget that, who always help you shine.

Toxic People Will Use Your Trauma To Control You

Recognise that there are people in this world who are going to use your trauma, your heartache to control you in an argument, in a relationship, in your life, in moments when you are at your most fragile and vulnerable. This is how abusers work.

This is How You Will Find Him

Everything about this new kind of love will take you by surprise, even who you have become in it. You will feel secure, in control, and love yourself as much as you love him.

When Two Old Souls Love Each Other

Let us enjoy the spring we have created out of the winters we have faced in our lives. Let us take everything about ourselves and accept each other for who we are. And let us not cry and try to change each other. Instead, let us just grow together for as long as we can grow together.

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