The Most Beautiful Thing We Can Ever Have

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The most beautiful thing we can ever possibly have is someone believing in us for exactly who we are. The person who, when we even make our most terrible, screwed up, horrible mistake still loves us and wants us and holds us close because this is what we need at the time, even if we may not be deserving of it. That kind of love is precious. It is the kind of love we all dream of but none of us receive.

It is the dancing in the moonlight, cannot wait for the next day kind of love. It is the “oh my God, I don’t know what I did to deserve you but here you are” kind of love. It is the kind of love that makes whole hearts grow into the most exceptional versions of themselves. And the truth is, that kind of love only happens once in a lifetime, and very rarely do we get to experience it.

If you are so lucky, hold onto it. We tend to meet these people in whirlwinds, in moments where souls could or couldn’t meet. We are almost like an experiment for the universe. Take two powerful forces, put them close enough within colliding distance and see what could possibly happen. It’s usually the birth of a star or a galactic clash, either way, something marvelous comes out of it. This, this is the most precious thing we can ever have as humans.

Love like this is so pure that it just knows your intricacies. It is like your body and mind were a map that somehow their soul studied before they knew you and now they know you better than yourself.

Sure, it is scary. Every adventure is. Every love like this will be.

But this is the best thing you will ever have. A person who gives you happiness because they want you to be just like you are supposed to be. A person who loves you for you and all you are meant to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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